Perfumer H – ICONS SET

A new arrival of signature scents has arrived at A&S. To start you on your Perfumer H journey we have gathered our most beloved fragrances in one place; meet the icons, and discover your signature scent.

From a dash of fresh blue ink on white paper – INK, to tropical summer storm clouds – RAIN CLOUD, this icon set is an invitation to the world of perfumer Lyn Harris. Take someone on an olfactory journey or discover a new fragrance for yourself.

Made to honour the jewel of all citruses, this cologne cleans and refreshes with a brush of sophistication. Bergamot (Calabria), which brings balance and beauty to all my colognes, is fused with clean aldehydes, petitgrain (Paraguay) and lemon (Sicily). Warm clove and frankincense rest on juniper wood and a smudge of tonka (Venezuela) with a sprinkling of lavender (France).

KEYNOTE: Bergamot Calabria, lemon Sicily, neroli Tunisia, aldehydes, clove, frankincense, juniper wood and tonka Venezuela.
(Fragrance concentration: 15%)


A rain cloud accord of ylang-ylang absolute from Réunion, vetiver, angelica grain, and bourbon vanilla fused with a fresh garden bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Tunisian orange flower, and French cassis resting on a base of Chinese iris absolute and amber and white musk to create a true olfactory landscape.

KEYNOTE: Bergamot, mandarin (Italy), jasmine (Egypt), orange flower absolute (Tunisia), ylang-ylang absolute (Réunion), cassis (France), angelica, vetiver (Haiti), bourbon vanilla, iris absolute (China), and amber and white musk.
(Fragrance concentration: 15%)


A clean and discerning leather scent; an irresistible feast for all to admire. Lavender France, bergamot Italy and birch tar with a heart of rose essence, iris absolute and cardamom seed on a base of cedar, oak moss and a large hint of leather.

KEYNOTE: Bergamot Italy, lavender France, birch tar, rose Turkey, iris absolute China, cardamom seed, sandalwood Indonesia, cedarwood Virginia, oak Moss and cade
(Fragrance concentration: 20%)


An intriguing blend of damp ink and wood. Indian papyrus, Haitian vetiver, and cedarwood infused with Iranian elemi and rose with hints of cashmeran and isobutyl quinolone to give stand out and individuality to all who wear it.

KEYNOTE: Juniper wood, elemi (Iran), black pepper, rose absolute (Turkey), vetiver (Haiti), Patchouli (Indonesia), papyrus (India), cedarwood (Virginia), cashmeran, isobutyl quinolone, frankincense (Somalia), and ambroxan.
(Fragrance concentration: 20%)


The smell of the air after burning wood is fused with damp earth, wild herbs and clean spices to create a masterfully unique amber. Top notes of geranium (Egypt), cistus and coriander seed (Russia) with a heart of chamomile (Morocco), rose (Turkey) and cardamom on a smoldering base of birch tar, agar, cedar wood (Atlas) and santal Mysore, with warming resins of benjoin and frankincense.

KEYNOTE: Coriander seed, angelica grain, rose essence Turkey, chamomile Morocco, frankincense Somalia, agar wood, santal Mysore, cedar wood Morocco, birch tar and cade.
(Fragrance concentration: 20%)

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