Perfumer H – Room Spray

Spray as desired to enhance your home created by Perfumer H’s nose, Lyn Harris. Made from the same quality natural ingredients as their perfumes and candles, a quick spray in the space is all it takes to provide a momentary respite from your busy day. The spirit of Lyn translates well into the room sprays. A&S offers a range of four scents, including our original and exclusive scent, ‘WOOD LAND.’


A cleansing fragrance that opens the senses letting you escape to a sensual green woodland wherever you are. Cedar and juniper wood are fused with cypress and eucalyptus, galbanum and elemi with hints of frankincense.


KEYNOTE: Green leaf, Juniper wood, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Cedar


Spray as desired to enhance your home. Ivy leaf and red berry fuse with rose, frankincense and musk to create an English garden in autumn; hints of bramble bushes intertwined with green ivy.


KEYNOTE: Ivy Leaf, Red Berry, Rose essence, Frankincense and Cedar Wood


Spray as desired to enhance your home. Burnt cade, smoking birch tar and frankincense burn in harmony with cedar, oak and cistus absolute from Spain to create the ultimate of all home smells.


KEYNOTE: Cade, Patchouli, Cistus and Amber


Spray as desired to enhance your home. Green leaf and basil wrapped around a heart of honeysuckle, tagete and neroli resting on a bed of oak moss and vetiver to capture the first lingering notes of Spring.


KEYNOTE: Green Leaf, Basil, Neroli, Honeysuckle and Vetiver

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