Meet and greet Lyn Harris at ARTS&SCIENCE

Perfumer Lyn Harris, the nose and creative director of the British fragrance brand Perfumer H, is coming to Japan.

Event details

We are thrilled to welcome Lyn Harris to A&S Aoyama for the very first time. Please join us for an informal meet and greet on Friday, December 8th, beginning at 3pm. This is a rare opportunity to learn from Lyn Harris personally which fragrances best suit your skin.


Our focus at the Friday event will be the WOODLAND fragrance created by Perfumer H specially for Arts & Science. The fragrance was inspired by a question posed by A&S founder Sonya Park, “What would an oasis of woodland smell like in central Tokyo?” Lyn Harris immediately had a vision for a cleansing fragrance. Other products will also be available, including perfumes, candles, incense and more. We look forward to welcoming you to our shop.


Lyn Harris, Perfumer

Lyn Harris is a perfumer based in London, whose passionately refined aesthetic sensibility was inspired from the very beginning by a fashionable mother and a fragrance-loving father. Developing an appreciation for and obsession with fragrance from an early age, Harris went on to pursue the study and practice of perfumery in Paris and in Grasse in the south of France. She worked with various brands before establishing her own brand, Perfumer H, in 2015. She is passionate about bringing out the individuality of the perfume wearer, expanding the world of fragrance, and creating scents that resonate with people. In 2020, Perfumer H products were launched for the first time in Japan at Arts & Science.



Meet and greet Lyn Harris at ARTS&SCIENCE


Friday, December 8, 2023 / 15:00 – 19:00



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