“POS kitchen somewhere at 2ND FLOOR”

POS kitchen somewhere, which offers vegan burgers every Wednesday at DOWN THE STAIRS in Aoyama, Tokyo, will be coming to 2nd Floor in Kamakura Zaimokuza on Tuesday, July 9th! This is a one-day-only event.

Event details

Indulge in a special menu prepared for this occasion, showcasing hearty vegan burgers crafted from carefully chosen plant-based ingredients, enriched with the texture of whole grains.


Burger, green salad, grilled potatoes, moroccan soup

– POS Classic Burger
– Avocado Burger
– Chilli Beans Burger
– Deluxe Burger

Today’s Vegan Gluten-Free Muffin

Vegan Burger Plate
Vegan Gluten-Free Muffin


POS kitchen somewhere specializes in vegan burgers made entirely from plant-based ingredients. Based in their own workshop in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, they offer original burgers meticulously prepared using pesticide-free vegetables harvested from nearby fields. The owner, Norikata Noda, originally worked as a makeup artist in Tokyo and New York but fell ill about two years ago. Confronted with debilitating symptoms to the point of being unable to walk, he turned to macrobiotic dietary therapy. “I was advised by a specialist to avoid animal-based foods, and by continuing a vegetarian lifestyle, I managed to regain my ability to walk within two months. I gained a profound appreciation for the power of vegetables and grains.” This pivotal experience prompted him to delve into vegan ideology while starting to develop burger recipes. “Having lived in New York, burgers were a very familiar food to me. Burgers offer not only visual appeal and interest but also texture and volume when incorporating grains. By adjusting ingredients and proportions, I was able to create hearty, satisfying vegan burgers.” Driven by the belief that “you are what you eat,” Noda developed burgers that prioritize locally sourced, pesticide-free vegetables and domestically sourced organic ingredients. Noda, the visionary behind “POS kitchen somewhere,” stresses the significance of the unity of ingredients. We cordially invite you to relish the vegan burgers curated by Noda.


Norikata Noda

Drawing inspiration from the organic culture encountered in New York while working as a makeup artist, Noda launched “POS kitchen somewhere,” a food truck dedicated to 100% plant-based fare. The food truck is currently traveling all around Tokyo.



“POS kitchen somewhere at 2ND FLOOR”


July 9th (Tuesday) / 11:00 – 19:00(L.O. 18:00)



  • 2ND FLOOR’ regular menu will be closed.

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