〈Eau de Perfume〉by Perfumer H

Four new fragrances have now arrived at Arts & Science from Perfumer H.

Perfumer H's latest released fragrance, RHUBARB, is now available at Arts & Science. It is a sun-kissed fragrance from the citrus family that is ideal for the current season. On this occasion, PATCHOULI, ANGELICA and DUST have also been added to the range, a total of four new fragrances are now available. Please take this opportunity to try Perfumer H's luxurious fragrances, which are created with quality ingredients from all over the world. You can feel and try for yourself the in-depth formulas of Lyn Harris’ which maximize the characteristics and combinations of her selected ingredients.


The newest release of fragrance from Perfumer H which released in May, 2023.
Lyn describes the fragrance, “Inspired by the vegetable patch in my grandmother’s walled garden, where the vivid pink stalks stood sheltered under a canopy of green leaves. An image synonymous with the onset of spring and its rose-warm sunsets.”
Stems of rhubarb have been fused with red fruits, rose water, a smudge of rosemary and a heart of orange flower absolute. This rests on a bed of juniper, cedar wood and vetiver grass, and is finished with the zest of a lemon.”


KEYNOTE:Red fruits, lemon Sicily, orange flower Tunisia, rose water Turkey, juniper wood, cedar wood Atlas and vetiver Haiti.
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖, ¥33,000 Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000


A woodland bouquet of lavender, rosemary and angelica root with a wink of black pepper to give this fougere an addictive modern twist. Top notes of grapefruit and orange bigarade on a base of cedar wood (Texas), elemi (Iran) and ambrette seed.


KEYNOTE:Angelica root, grapefruit, orange bigarade, green stem, lavender France, rosemary Spain, black pepper and ambrette seed.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000


A refined scent to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer, with an amber base to lend longevity through ‘til dusk. Black pepper and juniper wood lifted with galbanum (Iran) and iris absolute (Morocco) with a heart of ylang ylang absolute and angelica on a base of bold patchouli (Indonesia) and cedar wood (Virginia).


KEYNOTE:Black pepper, juniper wood, galbanum Iran, iris absolute Morocco, ylang ylang absolute, angelica seed, patchouli Indonesia and cedar wood Virginia.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥104,500


Reflective of a light powdery dust, this fragrance permeates the air with a gentle haziness. Top notes of iris absolute (Italy) softened with raspberry leaf and orange flower, resting on a base of opoponax, benjoin absolute, vanilla and sweet musk to capture the lasting intimacy of this amber.


KEYNOTE:Iris absolute Italy, Lavender France, orange flower absolute, cedar wood Virginia, opoponax, cashmeran, frankincense, benjoin resin and white musk.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥104,500

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