Perfumer H for A&S – WOOD LAND

The launch of our long-awaited new perfume will begin on Friday, April 7, 2023.

Perfumer H for A&S “WOOD LAND”


50ml: ¥27,500 (¥25,000 excl. tax)
100ml: ¥38,500 (¥35,000 excl. tax)
Handblown bottle+100ml EDP: ¥104,500 (¥95,000 excl. tax)


April 7th (Friday) 2023

The fragrance WOOD LAND was created in response to the experience of living in Tokyo, where Sonya Park, Founder of Arts & Science, craves trees and the natural landscape. She wondered, “What would an oasis of woodland smell like in central Tokyo?” And Lyn Harris immediately had a vision for a cleansing fragrance: Woodland, a healing, green escape from the homogeneity of the concrete cityscape. We hope you experience this sense of escape when you wear it on your skin.


WOOD LAND fragrance: With wood notes, the scent opens with bitter orange and gradually develops notes of eucalyptus, black pepper, and moist moss. As if walking through the cool fog of the forest, the finish slowly envelops the wearer in the sensory experience of juniper, cedar, sandalwood, and frankincense.
If you enjoy layering scents, this fragrance is in the same wood family as INK, RAIN WOOD, and INDIAN WOOD.
Fragrance concentration: 20%


*Handblown glass bottles by glass artist Michael Ruh are also available. The bottles are amber in color and made especially for Arts & Science’s WOOD LAND fragrance. Click here for details

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