Steve Harrison “Meal Beakers Meet Middle”

This dinner party will be held at the restaurant Middle in Kyoto. Each person will use a single Meal Beaker to taste all the courses. For his special course menu, Chef Yasuhiro Fujio takes inspiration from Steve Harrison's research and its culminating expression in the Meal Beaker. The menu will consist of five dishes and one dessert. Please enjoy pairing each dish with a beverage.

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The colorful spring has passed and the scents of summer are approaching
Just in between these two seasons
Japan has a special season called “tsuyu” (the rainy season)

Listening to the sound of rain
Looking at the grey skies that seems to spread out forever
I recall the memories of my adolescence spent in England.

When I first saw the British made meal beakers
I felt as if they would scoop up dripping raindrops with two bare hands
as if you were gently holding something you love and making it your own possession.
This was the impression I held.

The fresh green shines beautifully through the vision of dew
This happens only in this season.
I hope to incorporate the fresh fragrance of new green shoots and the rainy season air into Steve Harrison’s work.

In the middle of spring and summer
with the scent of rain”

– middle


– Longfin batfish
– Sweetfish
Tencha (powdered green tea)
Soba (Buckwheat noodles)
– Vegetable consommé
– Loquat


Yasuhiro Fujio was born in 1987 in Osaka, Japan. He studied in England from the age of fifteen. While enrolled in university in Paris, he worked part-time at Rose Bakery. This experience sparked his interest in the culinary arts, and after training at Passage53, he decided to pursue a career in this direction. After graduating from university, he worked at the three-star restaurant Mirazur in the south of France, returning to Japan in 2012 to work at La Cime in Osaka. In October 2021, he opened his own restaurant, Middle, in Kyoto.

-2016 Gold Egg Award from RED U-35
-2018 First Japanese winner of the international competition San Pellegrino Young Chef
-Published in the 2023 edition of Gault et Millau



Meal Beakers Meet Middle


May 25th (Thursday), May 26th (Friday)


Reservation only
LUNCH 12:00 - 13:30
DINNER 18:30 - 20:00


¥22,000 (including Japanese tax)


5-3, Shimogamo Kamikawahara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 〒606-0812

  • For inquires please contact HIN / Arts & Science.