Steve Harrison “Evolution Beaker – Exhibition and Sales Event”

Arts & Science is pleased to announce our first exhibition in four years with British ceramic artist Steve Harrison. Harrison's Evolution Beakers reveal his path of exploration leading to the culmination of his process: the Meal Beaker. They are pieces created along the way. A wide variety of Evolution Beakers will be exhibited and available at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo and HIN in Kyoto.

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The Age of the Beaker

After Big in Japan and Traveling with Tea, both presented at Arts & Science in 2019, Steve Harrison turned his attention to the form of the beaker. Over a three-year period beginning with the pandemic, Harrison immersed himself in exploration, delving extensively into the form, function, and cultural meaning of the beaker as an object for everyday use – a project Harrison refers to as the Age of the Beaker. The presentations of the project at Arts & Science will center around two different aspects of the project: the Meal Beaker, a singular form that emerged from the work process and that stands as a concentrated expression of the insights Harrison gained from his deep investigation; and the Evolution Beaker, the name Harrison gives to the various beakers created in the process of arriving at his final expression.
The exhibition The Age of the Beaker was first presented at Blue Mountain School in London in 2022 and serves as a starting point for the presentation of Harrison’s project at Arts & Science in 2023. The project in Japan provides an opportunity to incorporate Harrison’s evolving thoughts and experiences over the past year and to create an enjoyable series of events in Tokyo and Kyoto that will enrich the experience of his works. The artist will be present for the exhibition and events and looks forward to this long-awaited reunion with his customers in Japan.


“It is impossible to know the future or to anticipate the full effect and meaning that will come from making something. Time is a determining factor here. Even the distance in time between the two exhibitions – almost be a year – allows me to begin to distinguish the meaning of the beaker from the pure joy of using it. Everyone is free to focus on the miracle of what exists rather than the reasons why.

Exhibiting the beakers in London before Japan has made me realize that the deeper meaning of the beaker, which is paramount here, can inform my work but still leave open possibilities. The works are not fully imbued with the meaning that influenced their making. Despite its European origins, the beaker fits seamlessly into Japanese culture. Even from the first notion of hosting the exhibition in Japan, Sonya Park saw how the beaker could meld with the lives of Japanese people when filled with different foods and used in tea ceremonies.”


– Steve Harrison


Steve Harrison is an English potter born in 1967. After obtaining his MA in ceramics at the Royal College of Art, he set up his workshop and his kiln on the outskirts of London, where he now bases his artistic activities. He is known for his mugs and jugs created by the salt glaze technique, which uses common salt for the glaze coating. Arts & Science has presented his work since 2003 through numerous exhibitions, including Big in Japan in 2019, an experiment in ratios focusing on large ceramic pieces and inspired by conversations with Sonya Park.



Steve Harrison “Evolution Beaker – Exhibition and Sales Event”


May 19th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday) / 11:00 - 19:00
Artist will be present: May 19th (Friday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays


HIN / Arts & Science
May 26th (Friday)- June 4th (Sunday) / 11:00 - 19:00
Artist will be present: May 26th (Friday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays

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