Surface of Light by Rinko Kawauchi

We are presenting a variety of luminous pieces from the crafts available at Arts & Science. Each surface reflecting light, from vessels and lighting made by hand-blown glass to silver incense holders, is specially photographed by Rinko Kawauchi.



When I opened the box with all of A&S’ selections I placed them here and there in my home, picking out places where each one seemed to fit best.
The glass pots reflected well the gradation of blue sky and green trees when placed in front of the frosted glass window.
When the candles are lit, my room instantly filled with fragrance and the air in the room calmed down a notch from its usual feeling. The flickering flames through the black glass was beautiful and seemed to bring an exotic breeze into my everyday space.
Peter Ivy’s wine glasses are very large and delicate. I put them in the kitchen and then took them out on the terrace, but I thought that soft light would suit them best, so I photographed them in the bathroom, which is dimly lit and out of the direct sunlight. They looked good.
I spent a few days with all the work I photographed experimenting in this way.
Each work had a different look depending on the weather and time of day, so I never got tired of admiring them as I photographed them.
When the shooting was over and I repacked them into boxes, I felt lonely of their absence.
Even after sending them off by courier, I instantly already missed the smell of the candles.


Rinko Kawauchi

Hodaka Higashi
〈Fortune – Glass Accessory Case〉

〈KATI Lamp〉

〈Incense Holder〉

Perfumer H
〈Perfume & Candle〉

Peter Ivy
〈Wine Goblet〉

Masao Kozumi
〈Object “Egg”〉


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Hodaka Higashi・YALI Glass + KITAWORKS・TENNEN
Perfumer H・Peter Ivy・Masao Kozumi