• Sep 25, 23Information
    Business hours for DOWN THE STAIRS

    DOWN THE STAIRS will operate by the below business hours from September 28th (Thursday).

    【Change of business hours】 *September 28th 2023〜
    Lunch/11: 00 — 15:00 (L.O. 15:00)
    Tea time/11: 00 — 19:00 (L.O. 18:00)

    Weekly holiday Tuesdays・Wednesdays

    For the time being, dinner will be closed temporarily. For lunch and dessert, we continue to serve a variety of dishes. There are also available some pastries on the take-out menu.

    • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.


  • May 26, 23Information
    Le cabaret at ARTS&SCIENCE

    “Le cabaret,” a restaurant located in the Yoyogi Uehara area since 2004, is coming to Arts & Science’s culinary space, DOWN THE STAIRS. For two days, May 27 (Sat) and 28 (Sun), we invite you to enjoy Le cabaret's cuisine and natural wine. All seats will be standing. Please feel free to enjoy your meal with a glass of original wine made especially for this event. We look forward to seeing you.

    ○ Upon entering the restaurant, guests will be asked purchase order an original wine glass (that comes with one welcome drink) and we ask you to pay at the counter for additional orders.
    ○ Entry may be restricted at times of over-crowding. We thank you for your understanding.

    Le cabaret at ARTS&SCIENCE
    May 27th (Saturday), May 28th (Sunday)
    15:00 – 21:00 (Last order for meals: 20:00)
    • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.


  • Aug 22, 22Information
    Notice about DOWN THE STAIRS

    Thank you for your continuous support of Arts & Science. DOWN THE STAIRS will be temporary closed for the following period.

    【Temporary closed】
    August 29th (Mon.) 〜 September 6th (Tues.)

    We apologize for the inconveniences and we look forward to seeing you when we open again.

    • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.


  • Feb 4, 22Gift
    A&S Gift — “Valentine’s Day”

    At A&S DAIKANYAMA, we continue to propose seasonal baked goods for gift-giving occasions. This time we have selected a variety of choices especially for Valentine's Day.

    Confectionery from AMIE is selected with quality ingredients, prioritizing organic choices and blending several different types of powder and sugar according to each type of pastry. AMIE’s pastries are designed to be enjoyed by a wide demographic of people from small children to vegan customers. The baking is done one by one by hand therefore only available in limited quantities. This time, four types of baked goods including an assortment box was specially made for Arts & Science.

    <Assorted Baked Confectionary>
    ¥5,724(Available from:2/10)
    A gift box containing 6 types of baked goods including financiers and oatmeal cookies. Selected ingredients are characterized by their gentle sweetness and simple taste.
    Fruit pound cake / raw honey financiers / mocha salt financiers / chocolate oatmeal cookies / cacao balls / maple biscuits

    <Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies>
    ¥1,620(Available from:2/4)
    A simple cookie with a crunchy texture. Rich in organic chocolate and almonds mixed in the cinnamon-blend dough.

    <Cacao Balls>
    ¥1,620(Available from:2/4)
    Cookies in a ball shape, with a soft texture and rich cacao flavor. Made with quality Vietnamese cocoa powder. A plant-based cookies for vegans.

    <Cacao Cookies>
    ¥2,970 each(Available from:2/10)
    Elaborate cacao sandwich cookie using Vietnamese cacao powder. The jam and spread are sandwiched on a bitter-sweet textured cookie dough. The flavor of cacao can be tasted in different forms. A plant-based vegan option is also available that does not use butter.

    ○ Various sales start dates (delivery dates) are different.
    ○ To make an order, please send the below information by email / phone / contact form or directly at the shop.
     - Name
     - Contact number
     - Item name and quantity
     - Pick up method (In shop / By mail)
    ○ Orders will close when sold out.
    AMIE [HP / Instagram]
    • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.
    • ※ Please note items may not be available due to limited quantities.


  • Nov 22, 21Information

    DOWN THE STAIRS is pleased to announce its reopening with new friends. Beginning Saturday, November 20, 2021, the newly conceived culinary project will bring together the sensibilities of Paris-based restaurant MAISON with ARTS & SCIENCE.

    For many years, A&S has enjoyed a close dialogue and collaboration with Chef Sota Atsumi, owner and director of MAISON. Chef Atsumi's extraordinary creations were first presented at A&S as part of our food event . His idea that delicious food is born from quality ingredients is deeply connected to the A&S sensibility. As a longer-term culinary project, our new collaboration promises an opportunity to share in depth the stories and experiences of his carefully-sourced ingredients with our visitors.

    The menu is developed by MAISON and features locally produced seasonal Japanese ingredients selected by Chef Atsumi. Chef Ryoichi Matsumoto has come from MAISON to direct our kitchen in Tokyo along with our pastry chef Miki Yokomakura. We hope the dishes will please body and soul.

    - Yoshino herb farm salad, apple sauce
    - Ufumayo homemade pork ham tartine
    - Chestnut flour galette (petit salé, caramelized onion, and jalapeno)
    - Today's menu: meat/fish
    - Maison granola and seasonal fruit
    - Chestnut flour canelé with beeswax ice cream
    - En Tea specially blended teas (5 selections)
    and more...

    *Seasonal ingredients are always prioritized and the daily menu will change accordingly.

    Doors open from November 20th, 2021 (Saturday)
    Lunch / Cafe:11:00 — 15:00(L.O. 14:30)
    Dinner:17:30 — 22:00(L.O. 21:30)
    ・Dining will be limited to 90 minutes at peak hours.
    ・At the moment, we are not accepting reservations and seating will be available as first come first serve.
    Owned and directed by Chef Sota Atsumi, the restaurant MAISON evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and being at home. Chef Atsumi’s desire is to welcome diners as we would friends and family to our own homes, with heartfelt hospitality. Guests enjoy a selection of homemade bread and natural wines as well as dishes made with fresh ingredients delivered directly from local producers.
    • ※ For inquiries, please contact us through our general contact form.


  • Aug 24, 20Food
    DOWN THE STAIRS | “Bento” (take-out) Service

    From Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 DOWN THE STAIRS will begin a “bento” (take-out) service. Simple and conscious of a healthy lifestyle, our menus are always selected so you can taste the ingredients of the season. Every Tuesday through Friday our bentos will be available from our store window. We also accept reservations.

    <Bento for DOWN THE STAIRS>
    All menus are different every day as the bentos are also made for all of our ARTS&SCIENCE staff. The main dish consists of fish or meat, accompanied by three types of side dishes, mainly vegetables. We strive to use ingredients as natural as possible such as seasonal vegetables, fish that is wild-caught, meat that is made without medicine, and carefully curated seasonings. Similar to the idea of how our clothes come into contact with the skin, we want people to eat our foods that are easy on the body, safe, and delicious. We present to you a bento born from the ideology of ARTS&SCIENCE.

    ¥1,500(without tax)/ Every Tuesday ~ Friday

    *From 12:00 – 14:00, our reception (window of DTS) will be open. For earlier take-out requests, please contact our store.
    *Our main dish consists of the following: Tuesdays and Thursdays – fish, Fridays – meat, and Wednesdays – curry (+ once a month a vegetarian menu)
    *Please see our monthly menu schedule here.
    *We have restrictions on the number of bentos available per day.
    *We accept 15 bentos maximum for reservations made a least one week in advance.*Credit card minimum is 10,000 JPY.
    *At this time, only our bentos are for sale. Other DTS foods/snacks/culinary items are not for sale.



  • Oct 12, 18Event

    SUPPER CLUB NO.29 is taking place at DOWN THE STAIRS from Sunday October 21st to Tuesday October 23rd for a limited period of 3 days.

    For our 29th SUPPER CLUB, we welcome the chef, Sota Atsumi from the long-established CLOWN BAR in Paris. Atsumi’s dishes which combines gastronomy and techniques were highly popular during our previous SUPPER CLUB in 2015. After thorough preparations, Atsumi will be opening his restaurant MAISON in January 2019. For the coming SUPPER CLUB, we welcome Rikako Kobayashi, who worked with Atsumi as patissier at CLOWN BAR, to present KISSA* MAISON. The event will feature French sweets made from ingredients of the season to pair them with natural wines. 5 dessert dishes - including savory desserts – will also be available as a la carte dishes. CLOWN BAR’s iconic dish will also be back. Please come and enjoy this exclusive chance to enjoy MAISON’s desserts prior to its opening.

    *Kissa = coffee parlour

    2018.10.21(Sun.) ー 23(Tue.) / 14:00 – 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
    Rikako Kobayashi was born in Gunma in 1987. After graduating from a cookery school, Kobayashi started her career at the restaurant TATERU YOSHINO. She moved to Paris at the age of 23 and worked at restaurants such as AGAPE and DAVID TOUTAIN in Paris. At CLOWN BAR, Kobayashi took the role of chef-patissier. She is also the patissier at Atsumi’s new restaurant MAISON which will open next January.


  • Jul 27, 18Event
    SUPPER CLUB No.27 | Dessert with a drink

    MERCI BAKE is coming to DOWN THE STAIRS. For this SUPPER CLUB event, we bring you 4 types of desserts and drinks in pairs developed by MERCI MAKE. Each pair consists of a dessert “dish” which evokes elaborate desserts served at restaurants and a matching drink to form a perfect “pairing”. They will bring out the best of each other to create a unique and savory experience.

    It is the first time for DOWN THE STAIRS to host this type of event so we are excited to see what happens. Baked goods, MERCI BAKE’s specialty, and granolas blended for A&S will also be available for sale. We look forward to your visit.

    SUPPER CLUB No.27 | Dessert with a drink
    2018.8.3 (Fri.) – 8.5 (Sun.) / 15:00 – 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
    ○We will not be taking any reservations during the event.○In order to allow more people to enjoy this event, the order will be limited to one dish per person.○Please kindly refrain from queuing to prevent causing any disturbances to the neighborhood. We will be handing out numbered tickets during peak hours.
    MERCI BAKE is a French confectionery shop produced by the patissier, Shota Tashiro. After working as patissier in France and various hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, Tashiro opened his own store on the street facing the shopping arcade of Shoin Jinja Dori in Setagaya, Tokyo. Since the opening of his store in 2014, Tashiro continues to pursue simple yet unforgettable flavors which directly appeal to one’s senses. Instagram
    SUPPER CLUB is a food related activity at ARTS&SCIENCE whose aim is to create a one and only food experience in collaboration with creators of “food”. We will be bringing you various events on an irregular base to present you with special moments along with truly delicious dishes.


  • Jun 29, 18Food
    IGLU HYŌKA | Popsicle for A&S

    Coming again this summer is the popsicles from Iglu Hyōka, Kamakura based frozen sweets store.
    There will be two flavors available. One is the roasted green tea from famous Rishouen added to an adzuki bean often used in the store. Another is a melon flavor using a fresh Japanese melon. Both specially made for A&S.

    Exclusively available in Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto from July 1st, this time only
    Hope you can come and have a taste.

    2018.7.1(Sun.) 〜
    Popsicle for A&S
    Hojicha-azuki, Melon
    400 yen (+ tax)
    • ※ Please contact our stores or send us a message via “contact form” for any inquiries.
    • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.


  • Sep 26, 17Information
    Notice from A&S

    We appreciate your constant patronage to ARTS&SCIENCE.We are afraid that DOWN THE STAIRS will be closed temporarily from Sunday, October 1st due to the maintenance towards the renewal.Regarding a reopen, it is to be announced on our website.We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience, but we ask for your kind understanding.


    • * Regarding the other store, will be open as usual.


  • Sep 25, 17Food
    This Week’s Lunch Menu

    Lunch menu from Tuesday, September 26th – Sunday, September 30th. We look forward to your visit.

    25 (MON) Close
    26 (TUE) Bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs / Today’s curry
    27 (WED) Fried cod with Vietnam sauce / Today’s curry
    28 (THU) Chinese pepper steak / Today’s curry
    29 (FRI) Tuna pickled in Korean style / Today’s curry
    30 (SAT) Sandwich plate / Daily lunch

    • * The menu will not be available once the ingredients are finished.
    • * The menu is prior to change without advance information.


  • Aug 9, 17Food
    A&S | Verrine
    1P / 600 yen (+ tax)
    • * Please contact our stores or get in touch with us from our contact form for more detail.
    • * Please note that the item which you are interested in may not be available due to the changing daily stock situation.


  • Aug 1, 17Food
    Ice Shop -kûna-

    The traveling shaved ice vendor <-kûna-> is back in DOWN THE STAIRS for the first time in two years. What is most attracting about the shaved ice of kûna is the syrup with the natural flavor of fruit, without having to use the coloring or spices. You will be able to savor the increased amount of the soft ice and the overflowing freshness of fruit syrup as much as you like. Please come and cool yourself in this everlasting hot weather.

    Orange      550 yen (+ tax)
    Grapefruit  550 yen (+ tax)
    Strawberry       600 yen (+ tax)
    White peach        600 yen (+ tax)
    2017.8.20 (Sun) / 12:00 – 17:00