Feb 22, 22Event
Exhibition and sales event for IFUJI

An exhibition and sales event for furniture brand IFUJI will be held at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo and HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto.

At this event, Arts & Science will introduce oval boxes and tableware such as the statement “Delmer” series and rim boxes, that were exclusively sold at our previous exhibitions. In addition, we plan to present new items including the launch of the new toilet paper box and the Italian round tray for the first time.

“IFUJI” carpentry is individually carved from large pieces of wood and carefully hand-finished. Their ideology lies in the idea of proposals of functional items that are necessary in an everyday lifestyle. We wish you to take this opportunity to see IFUJI’s masterpiece oval boxes and feel the essence of their quality handiwork in person.

【Reservation window for OVER THE COUNTER】
For February 23rd to 27th, the event is by reservations only. The reservation window will be open from February 21st (Monday) 12:00/ noon. Please make your reservation through our general contact form.
From February 28th, visits do not require a reservation.

【Reservation window for HIN / Arts & Science】
All days of the event will be held by reservation only. The reservation window will be open from March 1st (Tuesday) 12:00/ noon. Please make your reservation through our general contact form.

【Notices about this exhibition / your reservation】
○ Please note the reservation only dates are specified for each shop.
○ Due to store capacity, we may ask customers without a reservation to wait in line or to return at a later time. We thank you for your understanding.
○ After you send your reservation form, your reservation will be confirmed by an reply from our email account.
○ Any queries about the items will be answered at your scheduled appointment. Please refrain from sending any queries through email or phone call.
○ All items are available for sale only. Orders cannot be taken for this event.
○ The exhibition may close at an earlier date, at any time all items become sold out.

IFUJI Exhibition and sales event
2022.2.23 (Wed./ Bank holiday) – 3.7 (Mon.)
2022.3.11 (Fri.) – 3.27 (Sun.)
HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto
Masashi Ifuji crafts simple and functional wood objects that draw on the beloved traditional objects of diverse cultures. His workshop IFUJI in Matsumoto, Nagano, is known for its masterful renditions of classics, including the shaker box and the traditional Japanese cupboard. In addition to the workshop, he operates Laboratorio, a cafe, shop, and gallery devoted to clothing, food, and housewares. Arts & Science has introduced the brand while presenting yearly exhibitions from 2013.
  • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.
  • ※ Please note items may not be available due to limited quantities.