We will hold a duo exhibition for Kyoto-based florist “Mitate” and the Gifu-based antiques, crafts and antique dealer “Honda,” at Arts & Science’s gallery space, WHITE BOX from April 28 (Friday) to May 7 (Sunday).

Event details

Both Mitate and Honda will be at the shop for the first two days of the event. On these days, wildflower seedlings will also be available for a limited time sale.

This exhibition is a bonding of each brand’s activities based on their own aesthetic senses, without being bound by frameworks. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


“Mitate (likening) ” is a method of expression in which one thing is shaped to look like another, creating value and discovery of a new value in an object. At Mitate, we have been exploring new perspectives that can be expressed with plants while valuing this ideology.

At this 10th anniversary year of Mitate, we are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting with Gifu-based Art and Antiques gallery “Honda” at WHITE BOX, produced by Arts & Science in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.
In this exhibition, we will present a number of “yoseue” (a collection of seasonal wildflowers planted in vessels for flowers), selected by Honda’s vision. We hope that you will enjoy this aesthetic where the richness conveyed by the old vessels and the air of the fields and mountains expressed by a single flower resonate with each other.

In addition, we plan to also present gardening tools, vases, and wildflower seedlings.

We look forward to welcoming you all in this beautiful season of fresh breezy young leaves.”

― Mitate


Established in April 2013 in Shichiku, Kita-ku, Kyoto. Using seasonal wildflowers from the Japanese seasonal calendar, Mitate produces ikebana and flower boxes with a deep and profound aesthetic. Mitate uses plants to express a uniquely Japanese sense of beauty, a method of expression in which things are not always in the vision of what they have to be, but are seen as something new and different.


We are presenting seasonal plants and trees by a florist’s fresh hands to flower vessels of Western crafts and old folk tools from the East and West.
For this exhibition, we have curated European white glazed ceramics, ancient glass, domestic and Oriental earthenware, and medieval pottery pots, all of which made to be in harmony with the WHITE BOX gallery space.

The selection ancient vessels with imperfections enhanced by flowers, and a number of technical pieces and gorgeous pieces have been selected together especially for Arts & Science – a place that always presents contemporary and outstanding works of craftsmanship.

And how will the vessels resonate with the lovely wildflowers?
We hope at this event, the collaboration will have another new impression from the event we held together two years ago at the Kyoto for Mitate. We strive to make a vision, a landscape that is always yet to be seen.”

― Honda


Established in 2010. The store is located in a prewar quasi-Western-style building in Gifu City, and specializes in antiques, crafts, and old folk tools from Japan and abroad, regardless of era, region, or genre.





April 28th (Friday) – May 7th (Sunday) / 11:00 – 19:00



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