Eichenlaub Semi-Custom Order Event 2023

Our seasonless selection, “Eichenlaub” is now available to semi-custom.

In addition to classic cutleries which are available at our stores throughout the year, unique models such as cake servers, sugar spoons and butter knives (Photo 2) and other variations of models will be available for a semi-custom order where you may select your preferred type of handle. This event will take place at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo.

Event details

Whether you are looking to coordinate your personal cutleries in a special uniform design or seeking for a chance to order large sets of quantities usually unavailable to do so year-round, this semi-custom order event is the perfect occasion to make your everyday table setting even more special. Please take this opportunity to newly meet or revisit the Eichenlaub collection.


Eichenlaub is a cutlery manufacturer that was established in Germany in 1910. Every process is carried out by hand, from forging the stainless steel board to polishing and finishing. The classic design and exceptional quality of this cutlery makes it a perfect choice to be passed on for generations. Arts and Science is the only place in Japan where you can view a large variety of Eichenlaub’s cutlery and make your custom orders.



Eichenlaub Semi-Custom Order Event 2023


June 2nd (Friday) — June 11th (Sunday) / 11:00 – 19:00
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays

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