ZANINI with A&S – Portrait 06

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the 23AW collection at Arts & Science, made in collaboration with Marco Zanini, designer of ZANINI. This season we developed a unique visual presentation for the collection: photographs of real people from diverse backgrounds wearing the collection. The photographs are set in the places that have a connection to the subjects' work and daily lives. “The marriage of fashion and photography creates a single expression,” says Zanini. The idea to photograph real people and not models began to develop last autumn, when Marco visited Kyoto and met this florist.

ZA Boxy Jacket / ZA Pleated Skirt


MATERIAL: 95% wool, 5% vicuna (Special fine wool vicuna double face)


COLOR: Natural

PRICE: ¥319,000 (¥290,000 excl. tax)


MATERIAL: 27% wool, 26% silk, 24% cotton, 23% linen (Quartet pattern cloth)


COLOR: Herring bone

PRICE: ¥114,400 (¥104,000 excl. tax)

*Other items: personal belongings

  • Q1: What kind of work do you do?

    • Ans.

      Sales staff (for A&S)

  • Q2: Why do you do what you do for a living? What made you choose it and what attracted you to it?

    • Ans.

      I had always liked clothes, but as I got older, I became attracted to clothes that were more a part of my life, rather than something to dress up in. Also, both of my parents were involved in fabric production, and I had many opportunities to come into contact with textiles from an early age. I naturally developed an interest and wanted to work for a company that was particular about its fabrics.

  • Q3: Please tell us about the path you took into your current occupation.

    • Ans.

      I had a part-time job as a stylist’s assistant when I was a student, and I continued to work as a stylist after graduating from school.

  • Q4: What does wearing clothes mean to you?

    • Ans.

      It is one of the things that makes me feel cheerful and happy, kind of like when you are using your favorite tools and objects.

Photos by Taro Hirano