My ARTS&SCIENCE – Rie Miyazawa

In the twenty years since Arts & Science was established, our clothing and accessories have found their way into the hands of a variety of people. Among them, many have discovered their favorites, continuing to cherish and use these items over the years. At A&S, our philosophy regarding craftsmanship revolves around the notion that the garment’s owner represents the final piece to perfectly complete the creation.
Allow us to share this enduring relationship between owners and their favorite A&S items, showcasing cherished creations that have stood the test of time, in our series, 'My ARTS & SCIENCE.’

Bulky Back Line Sweater

1ST STORY - Bulky Back Line Sweater × Actress Rie Miyazawa

I first encountered my dream sweater at an A&S exhibition. With age, I’ve become more and more discerning about the materials I choose to wear, and the A&S cashmere sweater has become an indispensable part of my wardrobe. Every year, I eagerly look forward to the new shapes and colors. As a turtleneck sweater lover, I’ve gone through so many turtleneck jumpers in my life, but with this sweater, I’ve finally found what I’ve been truly looking for.


The design of this sweater, with its collar not folded but instead gracefully tracing the line to the chin, is truly, exceptionally beautiful. The cashmere is soft and thick yet frames the body in a beautiful three-dimensional way. Plus, it feels incredibly comfortable… It’s simply the best. With turtleneck sweaters, folded collars can feel a bit dowdy, and when the collars are stretched, they don’t quite sit right. But I think this sweater’s design is so refined and goes well with delicate earrings. It snuggles around the neck without feeling constrictive at all, and despite its warmth and thickness, there’s a remarkable sense of openness. Personally, I feel that turtlenecks enhance the balance of styling and are versatile enough to pair with any pants or skirts.

When choosing clothes, my criteria are that they should be comfortable and that the materials should feel good on the skin when worn. In the context of making a first impression, I also feel that fashion plays a vital role in expressing one’s personal identity, so I gravitate towards clothes that effortlessly convey who I am as a person. In the routines of daily life, whether walking, talking, or enjoying a meal, I tend to choose clothes that allow me to feel at ease and have a relaxed, open state of mind. Discovering beautifully crafted and thoughtfully detailed clothes, from the way the tags are attached to the product descriptions, is such a delight. As I get older and go through various experiences… in inverse proportion to the ever-deepening complexity of what I carry in my heart… I feel that I’m increasingly attracted to garments that are very simple, unadorned, and refined.


What ARTS & SCIENCE offers fits seamlessly with the flow of time. As both a friend of owner and director, Sonya Park and a fan of A&S, I find it very gratifying to be able to experience Sonya’s sense of life, her compassion, and her unwavering flexibility in sensibility without concession.


Rie Miyazawa /Born in 1973.

Rie Miyazawa made her film debut in 1988 as the lead in Bokura no Nanokakan Sensō. Since then, she has appeared in numerous films and television dramas, achieving acclaim with the Best Actress award at the Moscow International Film Festival for Peony Pavilion (2001) and three Outstanding Lead Actress Awards at the Japan Academy Film Prize, including for Yū o Wakasu Hodo no Atsui Ai (2016). Her latest film is the currently released Tsuki. From February 2024, she is scheduled to appear in the stage production Hone to Keibetsu directed by Keralino Sandrovich.


Bulky Back Line Sweater


100% cashmere




[Length]  68cm

[Collar height]  11cm

[Width]  60cm

[Sleeve length]  43cm

[Shoulder width]  62cm


Ivory, light top gray, old bronze, choco, black, camel (PHOTO), red


¥130,900 (¥119,000 excl. tax)