SAKATA YAKIKASHI TEN for A&S – Assorted Cookies

Kyoto’s SAKATA YAKIKASHI TEN has crafted tinned cookies exclusively for ARTS&SCIENCE. This special A&S edition comprises four cookie varieties housed in a distinctive tin design. The flavors will be refreshed and made available for purchase starting Wednesday, April 24th.

A&S’s exclusive cookie tin is a delightful gift option, offering flavor variations for spring/summer and autumn/winter. We’re pleased to announce the new design and flavors for the spring/summer cookie tin. This time, we’ve combined new creations born from extensive trials with SAKATA YAKIKASHI TEN’s classic cookies, with the aim of providing the taste of freshly baked treats. SAKATA YAKIKASHI TEN uses carefully selected natural ingredients to craft flavorful cookies. We invite you to try them.


Crafted with the morning time in mind, these light, airy and flavorful cookies are perfect for enjoying during your morning routine, paired with a cup of tea.


A fragrant cookie made with SAKATA YAKIKASHI TEN’s classic corn grits


Apple Jam Sandwich
Apple jam sandwiched between cookies infused with cinnamon and accented with black pepper


Double Chocolate
Cocoa dough with added cocoa nibs for a textured accent


Coconut Sablé
Delicately imbued with the light, crispy texture of coconut and a subtle hint of salt

Assorted Cookies




Corn, apple jam sandwich, double chocolate, coconut sable
(From left to right)


¥5,800 (¥5,370 excl. tax)


April 24th (Wednesday) 2024
*The items will be in stock irregularly.


Yoriko Sakata

Baker. Born in 1980. Sakata’s childhood spent in Canada was defined by a love for her mother’s homemade baked goods. She established a store near Kyoto’s Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in 2015. Guided by the principles of “Good quality, Fresh ingredients, All hand made,” Sakata crafts fresh desserts using thoughtfully selected natural ingredients.

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