10 minutes aroma – One day

〈10 minutes aroma〉 is a unique incense that can be lit like a match. Following our first made-to-order fragrance from hibi, we now announce, “10 minutes aroma ‘One day,’” a set of three fragrances created by hibi especially for Arts & Science. This product will release on Friday, June 23th. The product is sold as a set of three fragrances, and also separately. Please try these special fragrances.

For this time, the “One day” fragrance was made by hibi after Arts & Science had asked them to formulate a fragrance for a particular time of day, to be used in the morning, aftenoon and night. It has been five years since the first fragrance was launched, and we are now announcing the launch of these three newly created fragrances. The packaging design is also originally designed and produced by Arts & Science. This product is also a perfect gifting item.

About the fragrances

“Asa” – Morning】 Eucalyptus, yuzu
A blend of refreshing eucalyptus and yuzu. An awakening fresh citrus blend, to start your day with energy.
(Match head: White)


“Hiru” – Afternoon】 Hiba, mimosa
The calming effect of coniferous hiba combined with the gentle sweetness of mimosa. The blend provides a calm, soothing moment in the middle of a busy day.
(Match head: Blue)


“Yoru” – Night】 Oakmoss, cedarwood, patchouli
A de\ep mossy scent with a warm bed of cedar and patchouli to induce a relaxing and peaceful sleep. A restful scent for the spirit.
(Match head: Black)

10 minutes aroma “One day”


hibi for A&S


June 23rd (Friday) 2023


朝 Asa: Eucalyptus, yuzu
昼 Hiru: Hiba, mimosa
夜 Yoru: Oakmoss, cedarwood, patchouli


Box set of three fragrances: 90 sticks (30sticks x 3 boxes)
Individual box: 30 sticks


Box set of three fragrances: ¥8,085 (¥7,350 excl. tax)
Individual box: ¥2,860 (¥2,600 excl. tax)


Based in the Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe match Co., Ltd, was a company with a long history of match manufacturing. They collaborated with Daibatsu Co., Ltd., a long-established company that continues to make innovative products on Awaji Island, a major incense production area. The uniqueness of “hibi” incense, is the match like shape that can be lit by rubbing the incense like a match. The production is supported by the highly challenging technology to achieve both strength and combustibility that prevents the incense from breaking even when rubbed. The company aims to make “hibi” a well-known style of incense domestically in Japan and globally as well.

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