ANOTHER CRAFT – Ebosi Yuasa × A&S

〈ANOTHER CRAFT〉is a new project by Arts & Science for art-infused fashion crossovers. We invite artists to make new products that meld their artistic expression with the useful or wearable object.

Square Scarf M


Ebosi Yuasa × A&S


100% silk


90cm × 90cm


Ivory, wine


¥33,000 (¥30,000 excl. tax)


*Scheduled to be available also at GALLERY KOYANAGI

The first edition is a project by the painter Ebosi Yuasa. An Arts & Science original silk scarf was made with a collage of 10 still-life paintings by Ebosi Yuasa. These paintings were presented at the two-person exhibition “Object Lessons” at GALLERY KOYANAGI this year. The scarves will be available at A&S Aoyama from 22 September (Fri). The artist will be present at the shop from 4pm to 7pm on the first day, Friday, September 22nd. We welcome you to please come and visit.

― From the introduction at GALLERY KOYANAGI for "Object Lessons" ―

Influenced by Surrealism, which he learned about through the writings of a Surrealist Tatsuhiko Shibusawa (1928–1987), Yuasa mimics himself as “Yebosi Yuasa (1924–62),” a fictional painter born in the Taisho era (1912–26), and creates works that celebrate the atmosphere of the paintings of the past surrealistic creators such as Ichiro Fukuzawa and Kikuji Yamashita. The paintings thus created are applied to the fictional Yebosi Yuasa’s painting career, disguising the artist’s life as it might have existed at the time.

Ebosi Yuasa “Double handled vase with atom symbol”, 2023

Ebosi Yuasa

Born in Tokyo in 1983. He now resides in Kyoto. Nakamura received his PhD in Art from Kyoto Seika University in 2011. Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, Kyoto Seika University. Nakamura is engaged in academic research and production in the area of tiles and ceramics, from a viewpoint of craft associated with the folk and architectural, coming up with hypotheses based on published research and fieldwork observations to produce his own experimental sculptural objects, as part of his inquiries into marginal art-craft culture from the modern period onward. Recent exhibitions include “17th Istanbul Biennial” held at Barın Han, Istanbul, Turkey in 2022. “Listening with Eyes and Looking with Ears | NAKAMURA Yuta feels his way to Kawai Kanjiro” held at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto in 2022. “BANBUTSU SHISEI|Born from all things: A special blend by Yuta Nakamura” held at Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo in 2022. “Round Persimmon, Dried Persimmon” held at Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa in 2021. “What’s in the Vase?” held at The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto in 2020. “MAM Research 007: Sodeisha – The Dawn of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics” held at Mori Art Museum in 2019. “Japan Rhine Stone, Luehdorfia japonica Line” held at Minokamo City Museum, Gifu in 2018. “Willow Festival Little Willow Festival” held at Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo in 2017.


1995 Founded in Ginza, Tokyo.
2016 Renovated and reopened on the 9th floor of the same building, the new gallery
space designed by Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Gallery Koyanagi is a primary gallery for contemporary artists from Japan and abroad,
including Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sophie Calle, Marlene Dumas, Christian Marclay, Michael
Borremans, Mark Manders, Thomas Ruff, Yoshihiro Suda and TABAIMO.


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    The artist will be present: September 22nd (Friday) 16:00 – 19:00

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