“Joumonami” Thin Handle Tote

〈Jomonami〉 is a traditional Japanese knitting technique (ami means knit in Japanese). In the Arts & Science 2022SS collection, bags made with this technique will be released at A&S Aoyama and HIN / Arts & Science, starting May 20th (Friday).

〈Jomon knitting〉 is a traditional Japanese technique. In the Arts & Science 2022SS collection, bags made with this technique will be released at A&S Aoyama and HIN / Arts & Science, starting May 20th (Friday).

“Joumonami” Thin Handle Tote

Jomon knitting is a traditional technique that has been carried on from the Jomon period to this present day. The technique was extensively popular for making transportation container and stakes (Mushiro) for harvested products from the mountains and collected produce from the sea. Awashima, a remote island in the Niigata prefecture, is the hometown of Miyuki Hamasaki creator of the brand 〈principle of overprint〉 who we have asked to make these bags for A&S. She requested the production of a container for carrying fish and vegetables called “tego” which is still made by Jomon knitting by the local islanders. The tote bag we have produced this season is made with the same knitting method with the knitting machine used in Awashima. One of the charms of the Jomon knitting products is their high breathability and high durability against friction. We focus on this special technique that has been handed down from generation to generation for its high functional features.

  • The knitting machine used in Awashima

This bag uses the leftover leather from the Arts & Science collection production. The leftover leather, which has become irregular in size due to cuts of bags and accessories, is again recut into a thin tape and braided in order to place into a knitting machine. This product was also made in an attempt by A&S to use traditional Japanese techniques to create new products with recycled materials. The cowhide style is available in 2 sizes and 1 color, and our goat leather is available in 2 sizes and 4 colors; all limited quantities.

“Recently, the number of Jomon knitted products is decreasing due to the effects of population decline and mass production. At A&S we strive to keep the tradition alive. These excellent functions and techniques will not wear after many years of use and it is a shame to see a part of history fade away due to modernization. We welcome you to visit and come take a look at the items in person.

  • Goat leather


  • ITEM
    “Joumonami” Thin Handle Tote
    〈Goat leather〉
    S: 90,200 (¥82,000 excl. tax)
    L: 121,000 (¥110,000 excl. tax)
    〈Cow leather〉
    S: 99,000 (¥90,000 excl. tax)
    L: 132,000 (¥120,000 excl. tax)
  • SIZE
    S: W31cm × H32cm, Handle: 27cm
    L: W41cm × H37cm, Handle: 32cm
    〈Goat leather〉
    Dark navy, off white, light gray, black
    〈Cow leather〉
    Ink black
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    May 20th 2022 (Friday)
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