Jun 28, 22Event
R+D.LAB Semi-custom Order Event 2022

Italian brand “R+D.LAB” established in 2017, creates glassware that combines traditional Italian production techniques with modern design. A semi-custom order event will be held at A&S Daikanyama and A&S Fukuoka. We will show an option of three colours in carafe sets including our A&S limited edition color “Fog gray”.

“R+D.LAB” glassware is inspired by modernist architecture all handmade using borosilicate glass, which has excellent durability and heat resistance. The products are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to use in everyday lifestyle sciences.

This is the first event we will hold for the brand at Arts & Science. We look forward to your visit.

○ Orders will be delivered from late November to early December, 2022.
○ Appointments are not required for this event.
○ If you have any questions, please contact A&S Daikanyama (03-5784-3803).

R+D.LAB Semi-custom Order Event 2022
July 1st (Fri.) – July 10th (Sun.) / 11:00 – 19:00
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays
July 15th (Fri.) – July 24th (Sun.) / 11:00 – 19:00
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays
R+D.Lab was established in Italy in 2017. A team led by Jay Vosoghi directs the creatives and skilled craftsmen and manufacturers in traditional Italian glassware manage the production. The brand proposes unprecedented glassware to the world, a fusion of traditional quality combined with modern design.
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