Jun 23, 17Information
Made to Order Furniture by Ifuji x Arts & Science

The furniture order event by a collaboration between woodcraft artist Masashi Ifuji and ARTS&SCIENCE will be held in Tokyo and Kyoto. Different size of collapsible shelf, and brand new piece of mizuya drawer will be at your hand. In addition to that, the bespoke color will be available for his basic lines. The simple metal fittings used for each items in various parts are produced by the <Kanaguya>. Please join us and find your own carefully made furniture that will be there for you in your everyday lives.

“On May, we relocated ourselves to a larger workshop. What we create differs as an environment differs. I have noticed I wanted to create something large. Nothing else has been different but that, but somehow there is always certain matter changing. Though this time, it feels somewhat special.” – Masashi Ifuji

  • Collapsible shelf which you will be able to order the size of the width and the height. The shelf board has a choice between four options, “Oak”, “Teak”, “Cherrywood”, and “Sando-guro” which the cherry wood is vegetable dyed. 。
Masashi Ifuji/ Woodcraft artist / Born 1966. He established his Ifuji Furniture Workshop in town of Gujo Hachiman on 2003. On 2006, he had his first exhibition. On 2009, he relocated his workshop to the city of Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture. He is currently running a café and gallery in the building which he reformed the old pharmacy built in Showa 8th. He also manages LABORATORIO which is consisted of the BOX SHOP and faber LABORATORIO.>HP
2017.7.8 (Sat) – 2017.7.30 (Sun) / 11:00 – 19:00
*Masashi Ifuji will be at the gallery 7.8 (Sat)
2017.8.5 (Sat) – 2017.8.20 (Sun) / 12:00 – 20:00
*Masashi Ifuji will be at the gallery 8.5 (Sat)