Remembering Ryuichi Sakamoto

Photo by Neo Sora ©️ 2020 Kab Inc.


Ryuichi Sakamoto, who passed away this year on March 28, left a playlist selected for ARTS&SCIENCE.
This playlist is very important to all of us at ARTS&SCIENCE. It reminds us of the close relationship we had with him before he passed away. In memory of Ryuichi Sakamoto we are making the special playlist public. Starting June 29th, you can listen to the “Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘ARTS&SCIENCE’” playlist on Spotify. We hope you enjoy the music selected by “Kyojyu” (Sakamoto’s nick-name, meaning professor in Japanese).


“As we age, we lean towards clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear, while still being stylish.
Like Steve Jobs, I’ve found myself wanting to wear the same thing every day.
For the past fifteen years, I’ve had a fondness for shirts from ARTS&SCIENCE.
It’s safe to say I wear almost nothing else.
I’m particularly fond of their stand-collar shirts.
I wonder how many I own…


Sonya, who leads ARTS&SCIENCE, approached me with a request:
“Could you create a playlist for our shop’s background music?”
Delighted, I immediately replied with a “Of course” via LINE.


I didn’t want to get in the way of the shapes and colors of the clothing and accessories.
It shouldn’t feel too cold or too stiff.
It shouldn’t get in the way of those who worked at the shop.


When I make playlists, I usually leave out my own songs (it makes me uncomfortable), but Sonya insisted I include some.
A bit reluctant, I selected a few.
ARTS&SCIENCE has a substantial number of ardent fans, so I’m slightly anxious about whether they’ll appreciate this playlist.”


March 7th, 2023


—— Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician/Artist)


Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952.1.17-2023.3.28)

Born in Tokyo. World-renowned Japanese musician. He has worked in a wide range of artistic fields as an artist, musician, composer, and music producer. His nickname is “Kyojyu” (meaning professor in Japanese).