Sho Bok Si/Sajiya “Lovely days”

In Ushimado, Okayama Prefecture, overlooking the serene Seto Inland Sea, Atsushi Sakai operates a studio under the names Sajiya and Sho Bok Si. On this occasion, we are delighted to announce an exhibition showcasing a range of the artist's facets through his spoon creations. The exhibition will open on Friday, May 10th at HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto, and from Friday, May 24th at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo.

Event details

This exhibition features practical hand-carved lacquer spoons by Sajiya, works from Sho Bok Si incorporating olive branches into spoons, and the debut of the thinned wood series at A&S. These pieces are crafted from sustainably-harvested locally-sourced thinned wood, inspired by connections with nearby shrines, satoyama landscapes, and gardeners with whom Sakai has a close relationship. Influenced by the techniques and philosophies of Greenwood work*, they embody the intimate relationship between living in a place and the creations it inspires, expressed through the timeless tool of spoons deeply rooted in people’s lives since ancient times.
The lush greenery and fresh foliage make it a perfect time for a leisurely stroll. Please feel free to drop by and explore.


*Greenwood work: An artisanal woodworking practice centered around crafting spoons, bowls, chairs, and other items from freshly cut, moisture-rich green wood using traditional hand tools.


Lovely days

“The word “spoon” finds its roots in ancient Anglo-Saxon, where it meant “fragment of wood.” From these fragments, the utensil emerged, eventually becoming a tool for proposals.
I feel that the essence of spending lovely days is condensed in the story of the spoon being chosen as a testament to the ability to manage life with ingenuity. Picture a man, carving his own spoon, boldly attempting a proposal with it tucked into his breast pocket. How wonderful to witness people handcrafting their daily routines and the passage of time that flows through them.
I, too, want to use these hands and feelings to emulate them, to wholeheartedly cherish the everyday rituals just like they do.”


― Atsushi Sakai

Olive Spoon by “Sho Bok Si”
Thinned Wood Series


Atsushi Sakai
Woodworker. Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1969. After completing his university studies, he entered the corporate world. However, his passion for craftsmanship led him to begin crafting small wooden items in 1994. In 2006, he established Sajiya in Kokubunji, Tokyo, and now operates from Ushimado, Okayama Prefecture. Since 2018, he has been embarking on new endeavors under the name Sho Bok Si, His handcrafted wooden spoons, which capture the essence of nature while remaining practical, have garnered a significant following.



Sho Bok Si/Sajiya “Lovely days”


HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto
May 10th (Friday) — May 19th (Sunday) 2024 / 11:00 – 19:00
Artist will be present: May 10th (Friday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays


May 24th (Friday) — June 2nd (Sunday) 2024 / 11:00 – 19:00
Artist will be present: May 24th (Friday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays

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