Kobijutsu Sansai and Tsukuda “Early Summer Gathering”

Tatsuo Tsukuda, owner of "Kobijutsu Tsukuda" in Kyoto, and Naomi Kijima, his trusted colleague. Tsukuda and Kijima will be exhibiting and selling antiques selected by the two of them at HIN / Arts & Science, focusing on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean everyday utensils.

Event details

Both Mr. Tsukuda and Ms. Kijima will be present during the exhibition period, allowing you to browse the antiques in the store while engaging in conversation with them. We invite you to come and visit us.


Tatsuo Tsukuda
During his time as a company worker, Tatsuo Tsukuda developed an interest in antique ceramics. In 1974, he opened “Kotouji Barietei” at Teramachi-Takeyamachi Higashi-Iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto. Then, in 1993, to coincide with store renovations, the name was changed to “Kobijutsu Tsukuda,” where it stands today.


Naomi Kijima
Naomi Kijima graduated from Doshisha University’s Department of Aesthetics and Art Theory. She managed the antique Imari-focused shop “Gallery SAI” in Yamatocho, Nara City, for 12 years. Later, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, she, along with Tatsuo Tsukuda and her elder sister, operated ” Kobijutsu Sansai” for approximately 10 years.



Kobijutsu Sansai and Tsukuda “Early Summer Gathering”


June 21st (Friday) — June 23rd (Sunday) 2024 / 11:00 – 19:00

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