Ritsue Mishima “a casa mia”

Ritsue Mishima creates glass works in collaboration with glass craftsmen from Murano, Venice. Ritsue Mishima’s first exhibition for Arts & Science will be held at CORNER in Kyoto.

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Mishima is inspired throughout her process of creation. Her collection is expressed in a clear transparent Venetian glass. Her works are characterized by forms that emphasize the relationship with light, water, and space. Her keen sensitivity to detail and motivation to challenge new glass forms with enthusiasm are highly evaluated in Europe. Normally, Mishima’s activities are centered on creating art pieces, but for this exhibition, she has made an exception for Arts & Science, to create glass works that can be used for every day scenes in the home. Bowls, plates, and glasses are all practical tools that enrich our daily lives. We hope that many people will enjoy viewing these tools in her special vision.


a casa mia

“I made pieces that I personally would like to use and buy, and my vision of what is beautiful.

I work as a team with a maestro and two assistants in a studio on the island of Murano.
I use a technique that has been passed down from generations of 1000 years ago. I do not use molds, and the forms are born from the maestro’s mastery and my own inner search for beauty.

Some of the items presented in this exhibition are one-of-a-kind pieces that were unintentionally created in the process.
I believe that these pieces will allow viewers to feel the movement of the forms that only hand-blown glass can create.

This May, A&S will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, and to celebrate this occasion, I will be presenting the kind of glass pieces that I usually do not produce. These pieces are intended to be used used in our daily life scenes. ”

– Ritsue Mishima


Born in Kyoto in 1962. Mishima moved to Venice in 1989, and since 2011 she also travels back and for to Kyoto, calling both of the locations her home. In collaboration with glass artisans on the island of Murano, Mishima creates color-less transparent glass works that blend in with their surroundings. The glass draws contours of the light in its surroundings, showing the beautiful transparency and viscosity of Venetian glass. Her works capture air and light, creates a special energy in the displayed area. Mishima’s art pieces are highly awarded for artwork used in public spaces, and in recent years she has been active across many genres, not only in fine art, but also in architecture, fashion, and design. Mishima received the Fondazione di Venezia award for the best project in the Venice section of The Italian Glass Weeks at “MISHIMA – GLASS WORKS” in the Accademia Nazionale di Venezia in Venice in 2022. In the same year, she received the BVLGARI AVRORA AWARDS.

Major solo exhibitions include “RITSUE MISHIMA – GLASS WORKS,” Museo Nazionale dell’Accademia, Venice (2022); “Places of Light,” ShugoArts, Tokyo (2019-2020); “IN GRIMANI,” Palazzo Grimani National Museum, Venice (2013); and “As It Should Be, 2013), “Aru wa aru yo wa” Shiseido Gallery (Tokyo, 2011), “Frozen Garden / Fruits of Fire” Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam, 2010). Major group exhibitions include “Asian Corridor: Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Nijo Castle, Kyoto (2017); “Yokohama Triennale 2014”, Yokohama Museum of Art, Kanagawa (2014); “The 53rd Venice Biennale”, Venice Pavilion, Venice (2009).



Ritsue Mishima “a casa mia”


April 28th (Friday) — May 7th (Sunday) 2023 / 11: 00 — 19: 00


June 16th (Friday) — June 25th (Sunday) 2023 / 11: 00 — 19: 00
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays


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