Pfütze Pre-order and Sales Event

From Friday, December 1st to Sunday, December 31st, A&S Marunouchi will once again this year host a one-month term pre-order and sales event for the jewelry brand Pfütze.

A new 'Four Seasons' series will release. The series, 'Water Droplets' and 'Golden and Silver Ratio' ear cuffs will be available to order, as well as a wide range of items will be available including the 'Stars' series which we normally do not have on display at A&S Marunouchi.

Event details

Four Seasons

This series was created through a series of prototypes, starting from the base metal formulation. It was made to express the four seasons using only the the colors of metals. The metal variety and combinations are designed to evoke the atmosphere and mood of each season. The variety of colors create the mood through a simple yet luxurious impression.

Spring / Platinum, green gold and pink gold. The image is of budding greenery and a blue sky peeking through cherry blossoms.
Summer / Platinum, green and yellow gold. The image of strong sunlight, airiness and clear skies.
Autumn / Yellow, green and pink gold. The subtly shifting gradation gives the image of beautiful falling autumn leaves.
Winter / Platinum and white gold. The delicate gradation of white gold creates an image of warmth and coziness in the midst of coldness.

Golden Ratio and Silver Ratio

A series of jewelry pieces expressing the beautiful ratios found in nature – the golden ratio and the silver ratio. The new ear cuffs are simple, yet assertive, and give a strong presence just by wearing a single piece.


Pfütze means puddle in German. Yasutaka Kita and Ayako Kaku work from design to production together and use motifs inspired by familiar objects and phenomena see in nature. They select from metals exclusive to K18 gold, platinum 900 and silver 925. The brand does not use gemstone, reasoning behind their philosophy is for their wearers to enjoy strictly the expressions through the colors of the various metals.



Pfütze Pre-order and Sales Event


December 1st (Friday) — December 31st (Sunday)

  • For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.

  • Please note items may not be available due to limited quantities.