NOWHOW Semi-Custom Order Event

〈NOWHOW〉 is a brand from Germany that we have introduced at Arts & Science since its Autumn Winter collection in 2022. From Saturday, March 25th to Sunday, April 2nd, a custom order event for its the brand’s leather items will be held at &SHOP Aoyama. This is the first order event from the brand at Arts & Science.

In this project, samples bag will be shown in styles of CYLIND, CHUCK, DD, and POUT. You may choose your favorite out of five types of leather. There is also an option of customizing the preferred length of your key string attached to the bag. New styles from the 23SS collection will also be available to see for the first time at this event.

Event details


NOWHOW was launched in 2021 by two founders with eclectic backgrounds. A Berlin-based designer with a background as a European stage choreographer and a leather craftsman who ran a shoe repair business in Berlin teamed together to create their original leather brand. “NOWHOW” is a coined word that combines “now” and “how can I do?” symbolizing the two founder’s concept, “How to best live and strive in the moment.”

Based on their professional experience in repairing, the brand’s philosophy is to create quality items that last for a long time with repeated maintenance and repair. Regardless of the gender and age of the end-user, NOWHOW wishes to propose new ways to think how we consume. NOWHOW does not use ready-made parts including buckles as much as possible. The brand confronts environmental and human rights issues caused by fast fashion production, NOWHOW creates products that are slow to wear and provide long-term repair services. They only produce a necessary number of products based on a complete order system without keeping inventory. All processes are done at their atelier in Berlin with sustainability in mind, where waste is reduced as much as possible.

The designer will be present at &SHOP Aoyama on Saturday, March 25th and Sunday, the 26th. This is a rare opportunity to consult your personal order directly while speaking to the designers. We very much look forward to your visit.



NOWHOW Semi-Custom Order Event


March 25th (Saturday) — April 2nd (Sunday) 2023 / 11:00 – 19:00
Designer will be present: March 25th & 26th (Saturday and Sunday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays

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