Naho Kamada “calm of tea”

We are pleased to announce an exhibition of works by goldsmith Naho Kamata at HIN / Arts & Science from February 23rd (Holiday/Friday). The exhibition will focus on tea utensils created especially for this exhibition.

Event details

Naho Kamata hammers sterling silver and aluminum metals to create everyday vessels, ornaments and other objects all by hand, without the use of machines. All of these works reflect her perspective and fine technique, which results in a unique, interesting appearance.


This exhibition theme is based on ‘tea utensils for daily use’, showing objects created by the request of A&S owner, Sonya Park. The selection includes teapots, teacups, water pots, tea spoons and a set of antique vessels melded with metal parts. Plates and spoons made from aluminum and other materials will also be on display. These metal tools change in appearance depending on how the owner uses them and how often they are used. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


“The appearance that spreads throughout and touches the heart.
Quiet, wide and serene, taking place in your daily routine, only if it is just a short moment.”


- Naho Kamada

Water pellet, tea spoon
Set of a teapot, tea cup and tray


Born in 1982, Naho Kamada honed her craft as a metal smith beginning with tools for the tea ceremony. She began working independently in 2008, creating alluring, strong works adorned with delicate details. Taking inspiration from ancient pieces from many regions throughout the world, she continues to create vessels, cutlery, and objects in pure silver and brass.



Naho Kamada “calm of tea”


February 23rd (Friday) — March 3rd (Sunday) / 11:00 – 19:00
The designer will be present: February 23rd (Friday)
The shop is closed on Tuesdays

  • At times of overcrowding, we may hold an entrance restriction.

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