Ryuji Mitani “Canes and Expresso”

An event will be held for Ryuji Mitani’s Canes and Espresso sets. A raffle lottery will be held of these special two styles of work at HIN / Arts & Science.

Event details

The 〈Cane〉, is a new developed item from Ryuji Mitani, is available in various sizes in two materials. The 〈Espresso Set〉 is a special set of items which includes an espresso cups and small plates in a wooden box.

At this timing of our event, specially blended coffee beans from a shop in Kyoto will also be available on sale, and you may enjoy small sweets and coffee at the store using the actual artist’s tableware. (Refreshment quantities will be limited.) We are looking forward to your visit.

  • Ryuji Mitani’s works can be purchased by participating in our lottery raffle at the shop.
  • You do not need to make a reservation to visit, however please understand there may be a waiting time due to overcrowding.
  • After the end of the exhibition, a strict lottery raffle will be held. (The order in which entries are submitted does not influence the winning chance.)
  • This event is mainly an showing of exhibition pieces. The only items for sale will be the canes and espresso sets.
  • Lottery entries are not accepted by phone call or e-mail. Participants must place their entries at the shop.


“I have continued to develop items that are necessary in a lifestyle setting.
Vessels continue to be the main part of my work. However, this time I have newly made a style of canes and a set for an espresso lover.
A set of small cups and small plates are made for six, in a wooden box.

The cane is an item that will be necessary for some within old age.
I have look around for the perfect cane, but I have not yet met one that I appreciated.
I have had increasing requests for a style of cane to be developed, and I finally decided to make one of my own.
The cane should be delicate and narrow, light weight, but strong enough to support your bodyweight.
To meet these needs, I made the surface a triangular shape.
The material is walnut and Sakura wood, both finished in urushi to be weather-proof.

The Espresso set is nice to have when greeting guests.
The set can also be used to enjoy distilled spirits and teas.

This exhibition is like expresso, tightly packed in a mere three days.
A coffee stand will be held on the 2nd floor, please feel free to casually drop by.”

― Ryuji Mitani


Ryuji Mitani was born in the Fukui Prefecture in 1952. He established his PERSONA STUDIO in Matsumoto in 1981. His work has introduced new facets and possibilities in wood craft, a field traditionally oriented toward furniture. Mitani is known for his informal wooden tableware and practical objects as well as his wooden sculptures inspired by everyday objects such as building blocks and kettles. In 2011 he opened the gallery 10cm, which is also located in Matsumoto.



Ryuji Mitani “Canes and Expresso”


December 16th (Friday) – 18th (Sunday) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
Creator will be present: December 16th (Friday)
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays

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