mariko tsuchiyama Trunk Show

From Friday March 8th until Sunday, March 31st, A&S Marunouchi will hold a trunk show for jewelry brand, mariko tsuchiyama. We will showcase and introduce new jewelry pieces from her collection including necklaces, earrings and rings made from baroque pearls that were nurtured in the calm sea.

Event details

Her studio is located in the seaside city of Brighton in the UK. Mariko tsuchiyama carefully handcrafts jewelry that creates using pearls from traditional Japanese pearl cultivation methods combines them with her own unique designs. The baroque pearls used in the new collection are large, ununiformed shaped pearls, each one unique created by its habitat in nature. Each piece is unique.


She designs the metal wires and pearls in organic shapes, bringing out the charm of baroque pearls. Mariko tsuchiyama’s jewelry all blend well with skin tones and beautifully accentuate the body parts and their contours. We welcome you to please come and see the pieces in person.


“This collection was created without establishing a specific concept, departing from the constraints of plans and objectives. Drawing inspiration from dancers, the production process was influenced by their physical movements. Throughout the design and production process, I sought out prominent outlines and defined shapes, transforming vague emotions and forms that exist in the world I see into tangible visual elements, and this collection could be characterized as a crystallization of that process. At times, conveying abstract imagery through the unyielding medium of metal demands passion and drive, and with no defined concept this time, I felt more attuned to what stirs the heart, as if being pursued.”


- mariko tsuchiyama


Mariko Tsuchiyama is a jewelry designer and producer. Tsuchiyama was born and raised in Nagasaki. She ventured into fashion working at a French Fashion house which inspired her creativity to become a designer of handmade jewelry. She has worked for Spanish contemporary jewelry artist Marc Monzó, and English leather jewelry designer Rosita Bonita while studying at Central Saint Martins. Arts & Science has introduced her works since 2017.



mariko tsuchiyama Trunk Show


March 8th (Friday) — March 31st (Sunday) 2024

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