Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer “Everything is connected”

From Friday, July 14, glass artist Kazumi Tsuji and her glass studio factory zoomer will hold a special exhibition at CORNER in Kyoto.

Event details

This time, three series from her collections titled “Standard,” “Color”, and “Reclaimed blue” will be introduced, each week of the exhibition. The artist has worked on of the works for many years, and this exhibition was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Arts & Science this year. We hope you will take the time to come visit and view her new works.


My glass studio, factory zoomer, produces, exhibits, and presents various types of series of works according to different themes. Each series changes slightly from exhibition to exhibition, but the concept we worked with together for a long time is universal.
This time, from amongst the several series we are introducing three themes.

1) Standard (monotone patterns)
2) Color (imagining a world without discrimination)
3) Reclaimed blue (re-melting waste glass pieces)

We are planning to select one of these three series each week to present at this exhibition. At first glance, each series looks completely different from the others, but when we consider the backgrounds of the art and the inspirations, they are all linked to each other. In addition, we have kept the pieces of waste glass from the Standard and Color series and used them to create the Reclaimed blue project. The waste glass from the Standard and Color series was reborn into new items. I am very happy to present this trilogy, “Everything is connected,” which encompasses many things this time in Kyoto. I hope many people will be visit to see the artwork in person.”

— Kazumi Tsuji, glass artist


Kazumi Tsuji was born in Ishikawa in 1964. After studying at California College of the Arts, she joined the Utatsuyama craft studio in Kanazawa as a glass artisan. Tsuji established her own glass studio, factory zoomer, in 1999 with a focus on glass containers. In 2005 factory zoomer/shop opened, and in 2010, she was appointed chief director for a craft project institution in Kanazawa.



Kazumi Tsuji + factory zoomer “Everything is connected”


【Exhibition 1】  “Standard”
July 14th (Friday) – July 16th (Sunday) 2023

【Exhibition 2】  “Color”
July 21st (Friday) – July 23rd (Sunday) 2023

【Exhibition 3】  “Reclaimed blue”
July 28th (Friday) – July 30th (Sunday) 2023


11:00 – 19:00



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