Starting this season, ARTS&SCIENCE is pleased to introduce custom-made insoles from FOOTWORKS. We will debut the brand's new TYROL SHOES at &SHOP from March 22nd (Friday). Designer and insole craftsman Takeshi Mori will also be present at the event.

Event details

FOOTWORKS is a Japanese brand offering custom-made insoles that fundamentally improve the feet, the foundation of the body. Takeshi Mori grew up watching his father, who taught himself to make insoles for his wife, who was facing health challenges, and eventually began receiving requests for insoles from athletes. Mori aspired to follow the same path and now works as an insole craftsman, helping people resolve their physical issues through footwear modifications and gait adjustments.


The new TYROL SHOES to be introduced at &SHOP integrates both the functional and design aspects envisioned by Mori. The incorporated insoles, informed by extensive collected data, are designed to fit a diverse range of foot shapes. To provide an in-depth understanding of these shoes, Takeshi Mori will be available at WHITE BOX for three days, from March 22nd (Friday) to the 24th (Sunday). He will offer assistance with size selection and consultations on adjustments to the embedded insoles. We invite you to come and explore.


FOOTWORKS/ Takeshi Mori

Starting as an apprentice under his father, a renowned authority on insoles, Takeshi Mori began his training while still in junior high school. After furthering his knowledge of footwear through studies in Germany, he established FOOTWORKS specializing in custom-made insoles in 2011. Crafting insoles tailored to each individual’s feet, Mori aims to fundamentally improve the foundation of the body, the feet.





March 22nd (Friday) — March 24th (Sunday) / 11:00 – 19:00



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