Perfumer H Perfume

Arts & Science is delighted to introduce the fragrances of London-based Perfumer H for the first time in Japan with a special presentation at & SHOP in Tokyo and Kyoto. Lyn Harris' perfumes express her personal sensibility and are made from the highest quality ingredients sourced from all around the globe. In our Perfume feature, we provide a view into the charm and details of the entire line of fragrances and highlight the exacting collaborative process that goes into their design and display, including the handblown, amber glass bottles made exclusively for Perfumer H's collaboration with A&S.

The visionary British perfumer Lyn Harris created the Perfumer H brand as an uncompromising creative platform for expressing for the first time her personal insights into her craft. Classically trained in Paris and Grasse, Lyn draws from her exquisite olfactory sensitivity and inquisitive spirit to make palpable the ineffable qualities of air and the sensory memories it holds.
At the core of the brand's uncompromising approach is Lyn's absolute commitment to close, long-term working collaborations with other master craftspeople in realizing all aspects of design, production, packaging, and presentation. For our introduction of the brand in Japan, we invite you to experience a sensual universe of one-of-a-kind, personal fragrances.


The products of Perfumer H are made from select ingredients collected from every corner of world with a deep focus on their origin, their exceptional quality, and the refinement and uniqueness of their characteristics. Nothing is overlooked in the quest for the very best ingredients. The simplicity Lyn achieves in her perfumes is built from an intricate balance of ingredients that reveals and clarifies their unique olfactory personalities. The delicate transition and interplay of scents that she orchestrates from top notes to heart notes to base notes are a pure pleasure to experience. A single fragrance may be made from more than thirty-five different ingredients, yet even within a scent family, each fragrance is designed to take you on a unique journey. Perfumer H fragrances are known for their high fragrance rate, also known as concentration, which is expressed as the percentage of fragrance in the perfume.

With wood notes, the scent opens with bitter orange and gradually develops notes of eucalyptus, black pepper, and moist moss. As if walking through the cool fog of the forest, the finish slowly envelops the wearer in the sensory experience of juniper, cedar, sandalwood, and frankincense. If you enjoy layering scents, this fragrance is in the same wood family as INK, RAIN WOOD, and INDIAN WOOD.
KEYNOTE:Bigarade orange, juniper wood, black pepper, eucalyptus, wet moss, sandalwood, cedar and frankincense
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖, ¥33,000 Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

RHUBARB [Citrus]
The newest release of fragrance from Perfumer H which released in May, 2023. Lyn describes the fragrance, “Inspired by the vegetable patch in my grandmother’s walled garden, where the vivid pink stalks stood sheltered under a canopy of green leaves. An image synonymous with the onset of spring and its rose-warm sunsets.” Stems of rhubarb have been fused with red fruits, rose water, a smudge of rosemary and a heart of orange flower absolute. This rests on a bed of juniper, cedar wood and vetiver grass, and is finished with the zest of a lemon.”
KEYNOTE:Red fruits, lemon Sicily, orange flower Tunisia, rose water Turkey, juniper wood, cedar wood Atlas and vetiver Haiti.
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖, ¥33,000 Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

A woodland bouquet of lavender, rosemary and angelica root with a wink of black pepper to give this fougere an addictive modern twist. Top notes of grapefruit and orange bigarade on a base of cedar wood (Texas), elemi (Iran) and ambrette seed.
KEYNOTE:Angelica root, grapefruit, orange bigarade, green stem, lavender France, rosemary Spain, black pepper and ambrette seed.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

A refined scent to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer, with an amber base to lend longevity through ‘til dusk. Black pepper and juniper wood lifted with galbanum (Iran) and iris absolute (Morocco) with a heart of ylang ylang absolute and angelica on a base of bold patchouli (Indonesia) and cedar wood (Virginia).
KEYNOTE:Black pepper, juniper wood, galbanum Iran, iris absolute Morocco, ylang ylang absolute, angelica seed, patchouli Indonesia and cedar wood Virginia.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

DUST [Amber]
Reflective of a light powdery dust, this fragrance permeates the air with a gentle haziness. Top notes of iris absolute (Italy) softened with raspberry leaf and orange flower, resting on a base of opoponax, benjoin absolute, vanilla and sweet musk to capture the lasting intimacy of this amber.
KEYNOTE:Iris absolute Italy, Lavender France, orange flower absolute, cedar wood Virginia, opoponax, cashmeran, frankincense, benjoin resin and white musk.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

FIG [Floral]
The sap and the leaves of summer's most magical fruit tree are fused with a hint of rose to bring sensuality and depth to this elegant floral. A base of cedar wood (Atlas) and black pepper sealed with a touch of frankincense.
KEYNOTE:Fig, green leaf, oranger eau de brouts, rose oil Turkey, cedar wood Atlas, black pepper, frankincense and musk
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

GOLD [Citrus]
A golden fusion of citrus fruits, woods, balms and spices to give an interesting twist for winter. Top notes of bergamot, lemon Argentina and bitter orange Seville with a heart of angelica root, lavender France and geranium wrapped in neroli Tunisia and cinnamon leaf, resting on a base of opoponax, patchouli Indonesia and a hint of frankincense.
KEYNOTE:Bergamot Italy, bitter orange, lavender France, neroli Italy, cinnamon leaf, opoponax, patchouli Indonesia and frankincense
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

Damp wood after the rain with top notes of galbanum and elemi fused with clean notes of pepper and myrrh resting on a wet woody base of juniper and cedar wood with patchouli leaves, to create a fragrance of effortless beauty cherishing the nature within.
KEYNOTE:Elemi Iran, galbanum, water lily, angelica grain, cedar wood Virginia, juniper berry, patchouli Indonesia, frankincense and myrrh
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

SUEDE [Floral]
An enveloping white floral with top notes of cucumber pulp, violet leaf and neroli Tunisia, a white heart of ylang ylang absolute Island of Reunion, cassie absolute France and orange blossom Tunisia resting on a base of benjoin Siam, musk and white suede to bring a unique texture to this endearing floral.
KEYNOTE:Cucumber pulp, neroli Tunisia, violet leaf, ylang ylang absolute, orange flower, benjoin siam, white suede and musk
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

A clean and discerning leather scent; an irresistible feast for all to admire. Lavender France, bergamot Italy and birch tar with a heart of rose essence, iris absolute and cardamom seed on a base of cedar, oak moss and a large hint of leather.
KEYNOTE:Bergamot Italy, lavender France, birch tar, rose Turkey, iris absolute China, cardamom seed, sandalwood Indonesia, cedarwood Virginia, oak Moss and cade
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

SALT [Wood]
Wild herbs of rosemary, coriander + white sage with spices of cardamom and angelica seed fused with earthy notes of iris root, patchouli and cistus absolute, creating the illusion of a savoury delicacy with a twist of clean leather creating something almost good enough to eat.
KEYNOTE:Bergamot Italy, lavender France, angelica seed, thyme red, cardamom, rose essence, cedarwood, patchouli and oak moss
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

A fragrance to honor the great orange tree and its many offerings with top notes of Italian bergamot, Argentinian lemon, and Floridian orange and a heart of eau de brouts absolute and Paraguayan petitgrain resting on a base of aromatic herbs, woods, and musk to bring an interesting twist to this cologne. A good choice for a gift.
KEYNOTE: bergamot (Italy), lemon (Sicily), rosemary (Tunisia), petitgrain (Paraguay), neroli (Tunisia), orange flower absolute (sweet), vetiver (Haiti), and white musk.
13% concentration/50㎖ ¥30,800、 100㎖ ¥44,000、 Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥104,500

NEROLI [Citrus]
A unisex winter cologne with citrus notes of Italian bergamot, Floridian orange, petitgrain water, and Tunisian rosemary with a contrasting heart of Roman chamomile, French lavender, and Tunisian neroli resting on a base of Haitian vetiver, oak moss, and patchouli leaves to create a vibrant but calm water designed to be worn anytime, or all the time.
KEYNOTE: bergamot (Italy), orange (Florida), petitgrain water, rosemary, Roman chamomile, lavender (France), neroli (Tunisia), oak moss, patchouli, and vetiver (Haiti).
14% concentration/50㎖ ¥30,800、 100㎖ ¥44,000、 Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥104,500

A rain cloud accord of ylang-ylang absolute from Réunion, vetiver, angelica grain, and bourbon vanilla fused with a fresh garden bouquet of Egyptian jasmine, Tunisian orange flower, and French cassis resting on a base of Chinese iris absolute and amber and white musk to create a true olfactory landscape.
KEYNOTE: bergamot, mandarin (Italy), jasmine (Egypt), orange flower absolute (Tunisia), ylang-ylang absolute (Réunion), cassis (France), angelica, vetiver (Haiti), bourbon vanilla, iris absolute (China), and amber and white musk.
15% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

MOSS [Fern]
Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and wet moss resting on a bed of oak, vetiver, and amber make this an effortless essential for any time of day.
KEYNOTE: bergamot (Sicily), lavender (France), mandarin (Italy), pine needle (Siberia), oak and tree moss, vetiver (Haiti), amber, and musk.
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

An incense-inspired cologne with top notes of bergamot, saffron, and cardamom wrapped around a heart of frankincense and geranium on a base of sandalwood, amber, and musk. A light and clean scent from the fern family.
KEYNOTE: saffron, cardamom (Guatemala), lavender (France), angelica grain, geranium (China), frankincense (Somalia), cedarwood (Morocco), sandalwood (Pacific), vanilla, and musk.
17.5% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

INK [Wood]
An intriguing blend of damp ink and wood. Indian papyrus, Haitian vetiver, and cedarwood infused with Iranian elemi and rose with hints of cashmeran and isobutyl quinolone to give stand out and individuality to all who wear it.
KEYNOTE: juniper wood, elemi (Iran), black pepper, rose absolute (Turkey), vetiver (Haiti), Patchouli (Indonesia), papyrus (India), cedarwood (Virginia), cashmeran, isobutyl quinolone, frankincense (Somalia), and ambroxan.
20% concentration/50㎖ ¥24,200, 100㎖ ¥33,000, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥93,500

A secret memory of this sensual wood with top notes of pepper, cardamom, and frankincense balanced with cedarwood and Indian sandalwood and papyrus resting on a base of bourbon vanilla, cashmeran, amber, and musk to bring a lasting statement.
KEYNOTE: orange bigarade, lavender, cardamom (India), cumin (India), sandalwood, papyrus (India), and leather.
19% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

POWDER [Oriental]
A delicate composition of bergamot, mandarin, and raspberry leaf with a heart of Turkish rose petal and Tunisian orange flower resting on a bed of soft powder, iris absolute, vanilla, and musk to give an irresistible softness to the skin.
KEYNOTE: bergamot, mandarin, orange flower (Tunisia), raspberry leaf, rose petal (Turkey), violet leaf absolute, iris absolute, tonka bean (Venezuela), vanilla, ambrette seed, and musk.
13% concentration/50㎖ ¥27,500, 100㎖ ¥38,500, Handblown bottle+100㎖ EDP ¥99,000

*All listed prices are including tax.

Colored Bottle

Perfumer H's handblown glass perfume bottles and candle jars are designed and made in close collaboration with British glassmaker Michael Ruh. The design process has been deeply focused on color from the start. The current palette of six colors used for the Perfumer H line has evolved through trial and error in response to the unique sensory image of each scent. Each refillable bottle is handmade and slight variations in color and size are a natural part of the design.
For Perfumer H's collaboration with A&S, Harris and Ruh developed a unique amber colored bottle (click here for more information*). The bottle is designed for a long life and can be reused by purchasing 100ml refills of your favorite scent. (photo)