amachi. Collection 011 “Vertical Concept” & amachi. × Elise Gettliffe

How to measure the physical and spiritual distance between mother nature and urban life

How to search and fuse the time axis, universality, and complexity of nature in modern life that is everchanging and consumes at a tremendous pace

These are the ideas that form the core of the brand, <amachi>. Every season, Arts & Science introduces their creative collections along with the original in-shop installations directed by the designer. This time, the presentation will begin at A&S Fukuoka store, and then travel to Tokyo and Kyoto.

At A&S Fukuoka, Collection 011 / AW2022 “Vertical Concept,” is amachi.’s latest collection will launch. Proceeding, a special installation by amachi. x Elise Gettliffe will be held at White Box in Tokyo to experience the brand universe in a special setting. At &SHOP Kyoto, we plan to introduce a wide variety of styles as a pop-up shop.

This project is an unique approach done in collaboration with A&S, as each location will have a different approach and perspective. We are eager to have many visitors come and experience the creations of designer Amachi Yoshimoto. For the first time the brand will show together in collaboration with art objects and vessels from Elise Gettliffe.

Collection 011 / AW2022 “Vertical Concept”

The experience of living in the mountains
Climbing and descending the hills
The action of climbing trees is symbolized in the phrase
“An act done vertically”

While tree climbing, the five senses pick up the natural state at each upward stage
Differences in vegetation, humidity, and temperatures
The separate worlds of their make up can be felt by the skin

Scents of humus, moss, earth and minerals at ground level
Undergrowth that appears when you raise your viewpoint a few more centimeters
The presence of trees together become stronger as you go higher
Furthermore, now at the sky, the freshness of leaves and treetops, the sunlight
A world different from the ground, in the flow of the spreading wind

The natural world experience in a multi-layered expanse of the vertical direction

Fewer chances I feel in this homogenized urban space
While contemplating the work of nature
The texture and fragrance of delicate and beautiful materials, and the gradation created by the air
I came to the idea that I would like to express the longing of this nature as one collection

Each piece in the collection has vertical layers
Or reflects a scene that can be perceived at a specific vertical stage

By cutting this concept “vertically”, we catalyze our everyday consciousness
This is the attempt of Collection 011.

- Designer, Amachi Yoshimoto

Photography: Yuriko Takagi
Laib Coat / 100% wool / Laib yellow, flint gray / ¥198,000 (¥180,000 excl. tax)
Laib Coat
Melton Baggy / 100% wool / Laib yellow, flint gray / ¥89,100 (¥81,000 excl. tax)
Melton Baggy
Altitude.22 Knit / 100% wool / Brown, dark gray, green / ¥68,200 (¥62,000 excl. tax)
Altitude.22 Knit
Double Stole / 100% cashmere / Navy × gray / ¥46,200 (¥42,000 excl. tax)
Double Stole


    amachi. 《Collection 011 “Vertical Concept”》
    September 17th (Sat.) – September 25th (Sun.) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
    *The shop is closed on Tuesdays
    ○ Designer will be present on: September 17th (Sat.) & 18th (Sun.)
    October 14th (Fri.) – October 23rd (Sun.) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
    *The shop is closed on Tuesdays
    ○ Designer will be present on: October 14th (Fri.) & 15th (Sat.)
    amachi. / The designer, Amachi Yoshimoto was born in the deep mountains of Elk Valley, California. Born to a parent of musicians, he grew up amid the flourish of the hippy culture without any electricity and running water. His childhood was spent in an environment where everything was handmade. Moving back to Japan, he became a self-taught clothes maker upon graduating from high school. After working at various domestic and international brands and pattern offices, he established his studio in the mountains of Nagano in 2017 to launch his menswear brand, amachi. Instagram

amachi. × Elise Gettliffe

Photography: Yuto Kida

About “amachi. × Elise Gettliffe”

The collaboration with amachi. and Elise Gettliffe started back in 2020. French ceramic artist Elise Gettliffe, provides small motifs and buttons that are now an indispensable part of the amachi. collection. In Collection 011 “Vertical Concept,” symbolic motifs and buttons made by her hands are used in various parts of the clothing. At this event, we share this collaborative presentation to further deepen the expression presenting the bond between the two creators, amachi. and Elise Gettliffe.

The first approach is the workwear designed specifically for ceramic artist, Gettliffe. These styles were designed to be functional, considering the proper wear necessary to accommodate the movements while the artist is in action. The designs were inspired by Gettliffe’s work aesthetic and personality. All the items in this collection were developed with pure natural after dying. The color is based on the formula made by Narelle Dore, an Australian researcher of dyes, who is a close friend to Yoshimoto and Gettliffe.

The second collaborative presentation is the series of ceramics that Gettliffe created specifically for amachi. Collecting and observing natural objects is her starting point for creating amachi. collections. Elise has created a ceramic box to beautifully display and store her natural objects for inspiration. These pieces are always in her atelier and give her a hint when searching for a certain texture or design. In addition, Gettliffee’s tableware collection will be introduced for the first time in Japan, and available to purchase.

*The three styles of workwear designed by amachi. for Gettliffee will be available by made-to-order.


    amachi. × Elise Gettliffe
    September 30th (Fri.) – October 10th (Sun. *Open on bank holiday) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
    *The shop is closed on Tuesdays
    ○ Designer will be present on: September 30th (Fri.) & October 1st (Sat.)
    October 14th (Fri.) – October 23rd (Sun.) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
    *The shop is closed on Tuesdays
    ○ Designer will be present on: October 14th (Fri.) & 15th (Sat.)
    Elise Gettliffe/Ceramic artist based in Altkirch, France. Having previously worked as a fashion designer, followed by an education in Japanese pottery, Elise merges her creative background and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship techniques. The design and functional elements of her work are organically balanced, similar to how clothing is wrapped around the body, overlapping the clay in layers using careful gestures and motions. Incorporating her diverse perspectives derived from a multi-creative background, Elise’s original style of ceramics has a personality like no other.