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Kazuto Yoshikawa Exhibition 2021

*Appointments are required for this event.

A solo art exhibition by wood artist Kazuto Yoshikawa will be held at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo from April 23rd (Friday) to May 9th (Sunday). Kazuto Yoshikawa's world of creation - his representative works such as furniture and objects will be on display.

The wood used in all of his artworks, including cabinets, dining tables, mirrors and objects, is selected from a unique perspective, focused on the characteristics of the grains. In addition, this exhibition will feature tableware such as spoons, butter knives, plates and bowls, items that will enrich your daily dining table. A dining table itself is available to semi-custom order, where you can choose the size of the top board.

This is Kazuto Yoshikawa’s first solo exhibition at Arts & Science. This selection of works shows the most unique charms of our biological resource, trees. On April 23rd, May 1st and 9th, the artist himself will be present at the shop to answer questions and consult with you directly.

Trees have the beautiful potential of ageing.

Why we may find trees beautiful is that humans know ourselves we will grow old and age the same, in the prime of life.

The delicate growth rings, knots and decay all represent its history, how the tree lived and survived to this date. I believe they have the power to make the eye of the observer realize the precious moment of life that he is living here and now.

There was a forest near the house where I lived as a child, and I grew up feeling close to the many lives and deaths that exist in the cycle of seasons. The tree was my playmate and at the same time I watched insects flocked to the sap, birds nested on the branches, and the fresh greens that eventually became humus to feed the life of the forest. On a stormy night, I remember a giant tree made a roaring noise and was so afraid in my futon bed.

To me a tree is not just a mass of material, but a tree as a living creature with a rough skin and a green aroma. I always wish to capture and reflect the tree’s signs of life and the vivid sensuality in my creations.
 ― Kazuto Yoshikawa

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Kazuto Yoshikawa Exhibition 2021
2021/4/23 (Fri) – 5/9(Sun) / 12:00〜19:00
※ Kazuto Yoshikawa will be present at the store on 4/23, 5/1, 9.
Wood artist, born in 1976. Yoshikawa was born in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce at Keio University, he worked at Cassina IXC Co., Ltd. While he was in office, he took a year of paternity leave and went to France at this time. He resigned the company in 2012 and studied the basics of woodworking techniques and the cultures of Japanese forests at the Gifu Prefectural Forest Culture Academy. Currently, he is engaged in production activities at two bases and holds workshops in both Setagaya and Odai Town in Mie Prefecture. Yoshikawa’s main activity is his exhibitions of wood works, however he explores outside of his personal projects as well. He has contributed to the production of classroom furniture at Jiyu Gakuen School and the production of furniture sculptures in Toyooka City Library, and public activities such as the utilization of forest resources and regional revitalization in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation.
On Thursday, April 22nd, the shop will close irregularly at 17:00 to prepare for the exhibition.
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