Jan 5, 23Procuct
Mitsuhiro Yazawa “Shikki Lacquerware”

Mitsuhiro Yazawa is a lacquerware artist based in Kamakura, Japan.

Yazawa has designed and created lacquerwares, by extensively testing the properties of natural elements, wood and lacquer. He creates tableware that is functional and realizes its existence in everyday scenes at the home. Yazawa's pottery, is influenced by simple and primal wares from Jomon pottery. The end results in a ware with a gentle and warm feeling that deepens in features the more you use it.

At this occasion, HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto, introduces a selection of beautiful vessels Mitsuhiro Yazawa created from years of experience and cultivated techniques.

At the same time, other lacquerwares presented by Arts & Science, including works by Kenichi Seki, will be on display. The items are a perfect addition for this beginning of the new year. We look forward to your visit.

HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto
Lacquerware artist. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1946. After withdrawing from Musashino Art University in 1966, Yazawa studied woodcarving techniques under a sculptor for two years. He learned the technique of lacquer at his father’s studio, which specialized in Kamakura-bori. After becoming an independent artist, Yazawa’s philosophy is to create pottery that deepens in expression and beauty as it is used. Unrestricted to framework, his techniques are rich in expression. Yazawa periodically holds solo exhibitions in all areas of Japan.
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