Dec 15, 20Event
Yaser Shaw — Trunk Show 2020

Pashmina stoles have arrived from 〈Yaser Shaw〉. Shaw’s production - spinning, weaving, and embroidering is all done by hand, staying true to the traditional techniques of the Kashmir region of India. A trunk show will be held at two A&S shops in Tokyo and Kyoto for three days from Friday, December 18th.

Pashmina is a very fine raw wool, which can easily be damaged by mechanical work. This is why carefully twisting and weaving by hand spinning and hand weaving techniques are essential. The natural texture of the raw wool lives on, creating a unique softness and feeling of falling in place when worn. Delicate embroidery work is the highlight of Shaw’s designs - a wide variety of patterns that are received well not only by women but also by men. By the skill works of craftsmen, fine patterns are beautifully decorated without applying tension to the fabrics.

At this trunk show about 200 different stoles will be available, including colorful new works and rare vintage items from his collections. We welcome you to please come and experience the rich colors and the finest touch of the fine embroidery in person.

Yaser Shaw — Trunk Show 2020
2020.12.18 (Fri.) – 20 (Sun.)/11:00 – 19:00
Yaser Shaw / Based in the Kashmir region, Shaw combines traditional techniques and modern designs to create various items ranging from fabrics, accessories to furniture. Shaw continues to pass on the traditional craft techniques which have been passed down for 5 generations. Shaw’s stoles especially are highly appreciated for their elegant and exquisite designs throughout the world.