Jun 10, 19Event
Takashi Nakao Exhibition

HIN Arts & Science Nijodori Kyoto welcomes Takashi Nakao, the artist working with synthetic resin and FRP*materials, for his exhibition from Friday July 5th through Monday July 15th.

The event will feature Nakao’s latest creations including ten or so pendant shades and floor lamps. Exhibited pieces are also be available for sale. Please come and experience the soft light which glows from shades that went through multiple polishing.

※ The artist will be present at the store on 7.5 (Fri.) and 6(Sat.)
* FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) is a lightweight and strong composite material made from resin reinforced with glass fibers.

Takashi Nakao Exhibition
2019.7.5 (Fri.) — 15 (Mon.) / 11:00 — 19:00
  • ※ Please contact our stores or send us a message via “contact form” for any inquiries.
  • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.