Jul 27, 18Event
SUPPER CLUB No.27 | Dessert with a drink

MERCI BAKE is coming to DOWN THE STAIRS. For this SUPPER CLUB event, we bring you 4 types of desserts and drinks in pairs developed by MERCI MAKE. Each pair consists of a dessert “dish” which evokes elaborate desserts served at restaurants and a matching drink to form a perfect “pairing”. They will bring out the best of each other to create a unique and savory experience.

It is the first time for DOWN THE STAIRS to host this type of event so we are excited to see what happens. Baked goods, MERCI BAKE’s specialty, and granolas blended for A&S will also be available for sale. We look forward to your visit.

SUPPER CLUB No.27 | Dessert with a drink
2018.8.3 (Fri.) – 8.5 (Sun.) / 15:00 – 21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
○We will not be taking any reservations during the event.○In order to allow more people to enjoy this event, the order will be limited to one dish per person.○Please kindly refrain from queuing to prevent causing any disturbances to the neighborhood. We will be handing out numbered tickets during peak hours.
MERCI BAKE is a French confectionery shop produced by the patissier, Shota Tashiro. After working as patissier in France and various hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, Tashiro opened his own store on the street facing the shopping arcade of Shoin Jinja Dori in Setagaya, Tokyo. Since the opening of his store in 2014, Tashiro continues to pursue simple yet unforgettable flavors which directly appeal to one’s senses. Instagram
SUPPER CLUB is a food related activity at ARTS&SCIENCE whose aim is to create a one and only food experience in collaboration with creators of “food”. We will be bringing you various events on an irregular base to present you with special moments along with truly delicious dishes.