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Fukuoka arrival: Pots from Steve Harrison

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New 2021 pots by Steve Harrison have arrived from England. These works will be introduced at Arts & Science Fukuoka from January 7th (Friday) to January 16th (Sunday), 2022. Harrison’s work, which has been introduced in Japan by Arts & Science with great care since its opening in 2003, will be available in the Fukuoka area to see in person for the very first time.

Steve Harrison's often uses the traditional method of pottery - Salt Glazing. As the salt is sprayed onto the pots while they are firing in the kiln, the chemical reaction between the salt and glaze creates organic patterns on the surfaces. The interesting part of this process is not knowing the final outcome of the pots until the kiln is opened. Steve Harrison has fascinated many people with this technique. While the pots are a classical western style, Steve Harrison’s original characteristics show strongly in this handmade process. Arts & Science has been working with Harrison for 18 years. We continue to receive his very best works several times a year in Japan, and we have always shared a special exhibition of his works every two years. Sometimes, like〈BIG IN JAPAN〉, creative director Sonya Park proposes a unique theme together with Harrison. Please also see our history of publishments we have produced and explore our history of working together. (Steve Harrison’s series of books are available on our A&S ONLINE SELLER

The new arrival of pots at Fukuoka are mainly works Harrison has created in 2021. All of his pots are marked with the year of production, which represents his identity along with his other hallmark stamps. He has chosen himself his best work available including items such as cups, teapots, and bowls made in salt glaze of various colors and sizes. Although at times Harrison will make special items with a certain theme or concept for Japan, his basic concept is defined by pots that can be enjoyed in your daily lifestyle which do not always cause for a special occasion. We welcome you to take a look at this new collection of pots created especially for Arts & Science. We look forward to your visit.

Arts & Science collection
“Familiar forms, like teapots, lidded jars, jugs, bowls and cups stand to remind me of who I am as a potter. I often have adventures where I explore different artistic ideas however, I always return to these utilitarian pots. They remind me that ceremony and special occasions don’t need to be reserved for this kind of work. I feel that they imbue everyday living and enrich the moment. This is more poignant in pandemic times where we need to recognize and celebrate the ordinary because it is difficult to search out the extraordinary.
This small collection of work for A&S is a true reflection of this idea.

— Steve Harrison

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Fukuoka arrival: Pots from Steve Harrison
January 7th (Fri.) 2022 – January 16th (Sun.) 2022/11:00〜19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Steve Harrison is an English potter born in 1967. After obtaining his MA in ceramics at the Royal College of Art, he set up his workshop and his kiln on the outskirts of London, where he now bases his artistic activities. He is known for his mugs and jugs created by the salt glaze technique, which uses common salt for the glaze coating.
Photos by Richard Cannon
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