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『20 mugs and 20 pots for 2020 / Steve Harrison』

A blind auction of total 40 works by British ceramic artist Steve Harrison was held at the end of last year, “20 mugs and 20 pots for 2020.” We share with you this special selection made during the lockdown and a personal message from Steve, “I was unable to travel to Japan this year; a visit that has become part of my potting journey. As the home has become a place where we live and work in 2020, I had to use my imagination to find inspiration. Without people, pots have no context, only developing greater significance and deeper meaning through constant use. As a way of saying thank you to all my friends in Japan, I have sent over my best pots of this year.”

A booklet that summarizes these works is now ready to share with you. “20 mugs and 20 pots for 2020” will be on sale at Arts & Science shops from May 14, 2021 (Friday). This is Steve Harrison's third publishment following “Pots” in 2014 and “BIG IN JAPAN” in 2019.

20 mugs and 20 pots for 2020 / Steve Harrison
H23 × W15 cm / 40 pages
¥1,430 (¥1,300 excl. tax)
Steve Harrison is an English potter born in 1967. After obtaining his MA in ceramics at the Royal College of Art, he set up his workshop and his kiln on the outskirts of London, where he now bases his artistic activities. He is known for his mugs and jugs created by the salt glaze technique, which uses common salt for the glaze coating.
『Pots by Steve Harrison』
H19.8×W15cm / 256 pages / Hardcover / 2014
¥7,480 (¥6,800 excl. tax)

『BIG IN JAPAN – A study of proportion 2016-2018』
H54.6×W41cm / 40 pages / Newspaper / 2019
¥1,980 (¥1,800 excl. tax)
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