Apr 15, 19Event
Steve Harrison Exhibition 2019

ARTS&SCIENCE brings you two different exhibitions titled “BIG IN JAPAN” and “TRAVELLING WITH TEA” featuring the English potter, Steve Harrison which will take place simultaneously at our venues in Tokyo and Kyoto.

“AT THE CORNER” in Tokyo welcomes the exhibition “BIG IN JAPAN”. The event sheds light on Harrison’s compilation in which he pursued the study of proportion for about two years. We will exhibit Harrison’s works which challenged the question: What will happen if we enlarged each piece according to same proportions? Together with the exhibition, a newspaper-sized catalogue featuring Harrison’s 53 works will also be available for sale.

At “A&S Kyoto Bekkan”, we bring you the exhibition “TRAVELLING WITH TEA” which was held in U.K. at the end of 2018. The event will feature a case which was exclusively created by the U.K. based luggage brand GLOBE-TROTTER uniquely for Harrison and his tea case made to store his tea equipment. The event is the fruit of Harrison’s adventure about travelling with tea, which he has been pursuing for more than 30 years.

A&S will be hosting the long-awaited Harrison’s exhibition which was last held nearly two years ago. Through our exhibitions, visitors will be able to enjoy various works created upon different themes. Harrison will be present on both opening days at our two venues (Friday, April 26th in Tokyo / Sunday, April 28th in Kyoto). We look forward to seeing you there.

→ Click here to visit our “BIG IN JAPAN” feature page.

109 Palace Aoyama 6.1.6 Minami Aoyama Minato.ku Tokyo 107.0062 Japan
2019.4.26 (Fri.) – 5.26 (Sun.) / 12:00 – 20:00
*The artist will be present at the store on Friday 26th April, 2019.
“TRAVELLING WITH TEA” at ARTS&SCIENCE Kyoto Bekkan (Google Maps)
334-1 Maruya.cho Sanjo Agaru Gokomachi.dori Nakagyo.ku Kyoto.shi Kyoto 604.8086 Japan
2019.4.28 (Sun.) – 5.12 (Sun.) / 11:00 – 19:00
*The artist will be present at the store on Sunday 28th April, 2019.
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