Oct 4, 22Event
Hakimono Sekizuka Exhibition & Order Event

<Hakimono Sekizuka> creates aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-wear footwear with reliable Japanese craftmanship. The brand’s concept is, “A Japanese alternative to shoes.” Sekizuka proposes footwear for every day targeted for all demographics, in any time place and occasion. Arts & Science Fukuoka will hold its first footwear-oriented exhibition and order event from October 8th to the 16th. At this special occasion you may choose your favorite style of Sekizukas combined with our proposal of selected Arts & Science original fabrics for the “hanao (thong)” part of the shoes.

Our original fabrics, what we perceive as the core of our Arts & Science collection, are developed to express the image of every season. In this order event, we will introduce a wide variety of hanao options, including 14 archive fabrics stocked by Arts & Science that were personally selected by the brand owner Sekizuka. The visible part of the thong is made of our fabrics, and the back where it touches your foot is made in suede to maintain durability. We also offer 6 types of soles, including materials such as “cordovan” and “rattan” in both offerings of men’s and women’s styles. We wish you to come and visit to see the options in person and custom make your very own Hakimono Sekizuka shoes.

About Hakimono Sekizuka
Seikzuka’s atelier in located in Iwakura, Kyoto. Hakimono Sekizuka manages all steps of the footwear business from design to manufacturing, and customer sales. He provides a detailed service beginning from tailor-made custom orders to excessive aftercare including personal adjustments and repairs. Sekizuka always has in mind, “What kind of customers, what kind of clothes, and what kind of scenes will my footwear be paired with?” This imagination helps Sekizuka evolve and develop his original designs. The craftmanship is created by hand throughout the entire process, intricating his taste of colors and total design. All aspects are thoughtfully processed, pursing comfort from the first action of inserting the foot into the shoes and the walking movement. One of the goals of the brand is to overcome the fixed image of Japanese styles footwear related to only kimono wear, and propose this classic shoe style as an item for your casual outfit wardrobe fit for everyday use.

Hakimono Sekizuka Exhibition & Order Event
October 8th (Sat.) — October 16th (Sun.) 2022 / 11:00 – 19:00
Sekizuka will be present:October 8th & 9th
Shinji Sekizuka / Trained in footwear at a specialty store in Kyoto for about 10+ years. In April 2020, he opened his own atelier and gallery in Iwakura, Kyoto.
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