Feb 3, 20Event
Kenichi Seki Exhibition

From February 21st (Fri) through March 1st (Sun), HIN Arts & Science Nijodori Kyoto is holding the first exhibition of the wood lacquer artist, Kenichi Seki.

Kenichi Seki is an artist who has a preference toward antique arts and tools as well as the allure and the sense of creation particular to the era of the Joseon dynasty in Korea. In this exhibition, we will feature Seki’s works mainly starting from small ornament stands to incense container and vessels. Please come and experience Seki’s unique works which are born from the thorough artistic process of woodturning to lacquer painting, processes which he acquired by learning from many masters.

We look forward to welcoming you at our renovated space.

Kenichi Seki Exhibition
2020.2.21 (Fri.) — 3.1 (Sun.) / 11:00 — 19:00
*Kenichi Seki will be present at the store on 2/21 – 23, 3/1
Kenichi Seki is a wood lacquer artist born in 1982 in Izumi-shi, Osaka. Seki first encountered the world of craft when his former university professor was working for a woodworking project of the Joseon dynasty. After graduating from university, Seki became an apprentice to the wood lacquer artist, Kazumasa Fujisaki. In 2012, he became an apprentice to the lacquer artist, Akito Akagi. Since becoming independent in 2019, Seki has based his artistic activity in Wajima-shi, Ishikawa.
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  • ※ Please note that some pieces may not be available due to its limited production.