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r a s a i 2022 Summer Collection Pop-up

Based in India, asiam studio, which designs, dyes and sews fabrics and is renowned for their quality and consideration of the local people and the environment, presents ‘r a s a i ‘. Arts & Science is one of the few stores in the world that has presented ‘r a s a i ‘ from their first collection.
From July 1st, we will be launching the new collection at A&S Aoyama, Marunouchi, and Kyoto. As a preview, A&S Fukuoka, our newest brick-and-mortar shop, will be the first to hold a pop-up event from Friday, June 24th. During the event, the entire collection on offer from Arts & Science this season will be on display at the Fukuoka location.

Founded in India in 1996 by two partners, asiam studio is a company that handles the entire production process of creating soft furnishings and clothing, from design and dyeing to sewing, and has collaborated mainly with established European brands. From 2018, the founder-designer started the process of renewing and developing the ‘r a s a i ‘ label, which was the starting point of the company, and since 2021, the founder-designer has proceeded with plans to create a new company, asiam studio living, to focus on various activities such as creating limited edition products and developing concepts. asiam studio’s goals include producing items with a universal appeal that enrich the lives of users. The conscious use of the back side of the fabric as a reversible factor is always calculated in their design, and the possibilities of design are never bound by age, gender, or size.

For the 2022 Spring/Summer r a s a i collection, we will introduce new items from the main collection along with special items made specifically for Arts & Science and reflecting A&S’s requests. These items for A&S are the result of detailed adjustments in fabric selection, stitch positions, and dye tones. The colorful items include jackets and coats made of Woven Checks, a colorful checked fabric, and reversible jackets, blouses, and dresses made of Mulmul, a classic lightweight fabric.

Woven Checks
This fabric was one of the designer’s custom-woven projects that had been kept carefully aside until the right opportunity appeared to develop items for a limited-edition series. Currently, it is not easy to manufacture high-quality, hand-woven fabrics in a multicolor check due to the increasing demand for khadi, a traditional cloth of the region. The unique texture of hand weaving and the expression of r a s a i’s standard sewing machine stitching are characteristic of this product, which is finished entirely by hand sewing. To develop this limited-edition collection, Arts & Science has selected four types of fabrics and styles from r a s a i ’s sample collection.

The Indian bed quilt “Razai” is the origin of the brand name, ‘r a s a i.’ The cotton wadding is gently wrapped in a cotton fabric called Mulmul and hand-sewn. Mulmul has historically been woven by the most highly skilled weavers in India. Also called, “woven wind,” this is an ultra-thin, soft and translucent cotton fabric with excellent breathability. Nowadays, the technique is close to becoming lost as power looms have taken over the majority of production in India, and this special attention and skill are not required when sewing in the modern way. In this r a s a i collection, in addition to the standard double-layered pants and underdresses, special items made only for A&S were created through fine adjustments including customized stitch placements, patterns, color dye selection and color combinations.

r a s a i 2022 Summer Collection Pop-up
June 24th (Fri.) – June 27th (Sun.) / 11:00 ~ 19:00
*The shop is closed on Tuesdays
‘r a s a i’ is a line of clothing & home items. The brand name and concept is inspired by soft hand-stitched bed quilts treasured in India during winter months. ‘r a s a i’ embraces an adaptable style for all ages, body types, genders and cultures characterized by the reversible nature of the quilts, and their items often utilize both sides of the fabric in the collection’s design. Their items age gracefully over time. Arts & Science continues to present various categories of items from the ‘r a s a i’ collection in a seasonless cycle.
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