Nov 6, 17Information
Plum’s | Stuffed Animals

From Thursday, November 23rd, stuffed doll artist Kyoko Umezu will bring her new work of <Plum’s> to both Tokyo and Kyoto. All kinds of polar bear will be showcased in &SHOP Aoyama, and “Wabisuke”, series of animals sitting on zabuton, a Japanese cushion shall line HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto. Ms. Umezu will be present at the store on the 23rd. Hope you will join us.

Plum’s Kyoko Umezu / After studying teddy bear making at Cuddly Labo in Daikanyama, she presented her first collection in 1997. In 2010, she had her first own exhibition at Billiken Gallery in Aoyama. Her creation is based on the fundamentals of teddy bear making with addition of a realistic facial expression of bears and other animals.
2017.11.23 (Thu)- 2017.12.10 (Sun)
*Kyoko Umezu will be at the store 11.23 (Thu) / &SHOP Aoyama
*Please note that items purchased will be handed over after the end of event.