Jun 25, 21Event
Masao Kozumi Exhibition: “Carafes and Vessels”

*Reservations are required for this event. For details, please see the detailed instructions at the end of the page.

The exhibition "Carafes and Vessels" by glass artist Masao Kozumi will be held at OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo and HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto.
In this exhibition, we will introduce Kozumi’s new works including carafes and cups especially made for Arts & Science. The entire process, from developing the concepts to creating the final shape, took almost one year, and the works were born through trial and error. With his essential lines of work upfront, we have also commissioned several types of glass that are not usually produced, including a new shade of green glass bottles, Onggis, parfait glasses and classic Japanese wind chimes - all suitable for the summer season.

We invite you to view Masao Kozumi's glass works and enjoy the unique colors and forms using hand-blown and mold-blown classic techniques dated back to the Edo period.

What we call a Kansuibin is a lidded carafe; the body is a bottle-shaped jug with a versatile lid that can be used as a cup. In the planning process, I asked myself these questions – “How did the craftsmen see this imported carafe back in the day? What kind of resemblance did it have when it was mentioned in classic writing?” I was blowing the mold while becoming deeply indulged in this nostalgic mist of imagination. I would be happy to see this Kansuibin used today placed near your seat in a living room or by your pillow side as a perfect vessel to quench your thirst while relaxing. ― Masao Kozumi

■Customers who wish to visit the store from the second day forward
Walk-ins are welcome; however, we will give priority to visitors with reservations. To make a reservation, please fill out the form in the link below.

Reservation form for Tokyo - OVER THE COUNTER
【Application deadline】7/10(Saturday)19:00

Reservation form for Kyoto - HIN / Arts & Science
【Application deadline】7/24(Saturday)19:00

※If you do not have a reservation, please understand that you may have to wait at the door for entry.
※After sending the reservation form, you will receive an automatic reply as confirmation.
※For reservation requests on the day, please call the shops directly.
※Please be careful to use this designated link only. If you contact us through the general contact form on our website, your application will be invalid.

【Measures for coronavirus prevention】
※In consideration of coronavirus prevention, it is mandatory for visitors to have a reservation on the opening day. From the second day forward, reservations will be prioritized, and there may be restrictions for entry.
※Please wear a mask when you visit us and disinfect your hands with the alcohol antiseptic solution provided at the entrance.
※Please bring your own purified solution if you have alcohol allergies.
※We will take all customers’ temperature using a non-contact infrared thermometer. Customers with temperatures of 37.5℃ and over will not be permitted in the stores. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
※Visiting time during the exhibition period will be restricted to 30-minute intervals per group.

Masao Kozumi Exhibition: “Carafes and Vessels”
2021.7.2(Fri.) – 7.11(Sun.)/ 12:00〜19:00
*Masao Kozumi will be present at the store on 2(Fri.), 3(Sun.)
*On Thursday, July 1st, the shop will close irregularly at 17:00 to prepare for the exhibition.
HIN / Arts & Science *Closed every Tuesday
2021.7.16(Fri.) – 7.25日(Sun.)/ 12:00〜19:00
*Masao Kozumi will be present at the store on 16(Fri.)、17(Sat.)
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