Jun 4, 21Product
New artworks have arrived from Mai Yamamoto

Mai Yamamoto is a glass model artist. Yamamoto uses refractions and colors of light on mirror and matte surfaces using her original sense of textures. In her artwork you can see she makes full use of of the tools and cutting techniques used in Edo Kiriko faceted glass. (A Japanese technique from the Edo-period).. From June 4th, a selection of her new works inspired by the seasons, the air and the familiarity of ordinary items that have a personal resonation made in her vision will be available at A&S AOYAMA.

The items introduced on this occasion express the scent of wind and air by the texture of glass. The patterns are made by adding texture to the glass with different degrees of rough-cut touches.

Perfume Bottle
Considering the long times spent at the home these days, this series was created by imagining the air to feel as if you are walking through a forest. This artwork was made to capture the fresh feeling and scents of soil and trees.
¥33,000 (including tax)

Incense Stand
A work inspired by natural objects such as nuts and stones. The fine cuts on the surface are reflected in the transparent part on the top surface, and you can enjoy the changes in expression when object is moved.
¥11,000 (including tax)

Earth(Accessories case)
A work based on the concept of lands and grounds - “earth.” Supporting all living things, the history of the earth itself is also exists in the stratum. The difference expression of the colors is expressed on the surfaces.
¥22,000 (including tax)

1985 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2007 Graduated from the Department of Glass, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Wolverhampton / UK
2010 Completed the master’s course at the Department of Crafts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2012 Apprentice to Mr. Ushio Konishi and Mr. Fujiko Enami at Ushio Studio
2014 Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine Sanctuary
2016 Pilchuck Glass School / USA
At Arts & Science, her works were first introduced from November 2019 at the renewal opening of A&S AOYAMA.
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