Oct 13, 21Event
“Kimura Glass / Kikatsu Series” Exhibition & Sales Fair Event

*Please note that visitors with appointments will be be given priority. Details on how to make reservations are provided below.

OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo and HIN / Arts & Science in Kyoto are pleased to announce a sales fair event for the “Kikatsu series” from the tableware brand, Kimura Glass.

For a long time, the “Kikatsu series” was sold only to venues such as bars or restaurants. The designs are inspired by European antique glasses. In this way, there are many variations of especially the smaller-sized glasses. This sales fair is a special opportunity to view and purchase all 119 types of glasses from the Kikatsu series in one location.
This is the first opportunity for Arts & Science to introduce Kimura Glass, and we invite you to come and see the items in person.

*Please note that visitors with appointments will be prioritized. Please make your reservation though our general contact form.

【Reservation deadline】
Tokyo・OVER THE COUNTER : October 31th, 2021 (Sun.) 19:00
Kyoto・HIN / Arts & Science : December 1st, 2021 (Wed.) 19:00

* Due to store capacity, we may ask customers without a reservation to wait in line or to return at a later time. We thank you for your understanding.
* After you send your reservation form, your reservation will be confirmed by an automatic reply from our email account.
* For reservation requests on the day, please contact the shop directly.

“Kimura Glass / Kikatsu Series” Exhibition & Sales Fair Event
October 20th (Wed.) – November 11th (Mon.) 2021 / 12:00 ~ 19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
HIN / Arts & Science, Nijodori Kyoto
November 19th (Fri.) – December 2nd (Thurs.) 2021 / 12:00 ~ 19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Since its establishment, as a manufacturer of professional tableware that does not have its own factory, Kimura Glass has been producing in-house designed glassware with the cooperation of several craftsmen and factories. The different series of glassware are cherished by many fans, and include “Kyoku-usu (extremely thin) glass,” “Pivo” – with ultra-fine glass leg designs, and “Kikatsu” and “Wrap” – cocktail glasses. Along with the production of original glassware, Kimura Glass has been focusing on the development of better tableware by, for example, selecting quality designs from around the world and introducing them to various restaurants and bars.
  • ※ For inquiries, please contact each shop directly or use our contact form.
  • ※ Please note items may not be available due to limited quantities.