Oct 22, 21Event
Naho Kamada “Blue”

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OVER THE COUNTER in Tokyo is pleased to announce a special exhibition for the collection “Blue” from Naho Kamada.

All processes of Naho Kamada's production are performed by hand. Kamada work is carried out by hammering various metals using a mallet and checking the feel each time. Although her finished work is made of metal, it has a unique delicate elegance, and the shapes are characterized by the gentle touch to the hands. In this exhibition, we will introduce her cutlery, cups, plates, etc… focusing on her work using silver material.

Please take a look at the fine objects and vessels created by Naho Kamada, each made by considering the fit in her very own hands.

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Naho Kamada “Blue”
November 3rd (Wed.*open on public holiday) – November 15th (Mon.) 2021 / 12:00 ~ 19:00
*Tuesday is a weekly holiday
Naho Kameda / Metal artist. Born in Kumamoto in 1982. In 2005, Kameda studied under Takejiro Hasegawa in metalworking making mainly tea utensils. In 2008, she became an independent artist. Her delicately crafted work shows the elegance and dignified strength of her hand work techniques. Kameda is inspired by ancient tools from various countries, such as sterling silver and brass vessels, and cutlery objects.
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